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Drake’s record-breaking Twitch stream got watched by how many people??!

Channel: Pretty Good Gaming & Total View: 38783

Add Date: March 15, 2018, 9:00 am & Duration: 00:05:30

Likes: 1576 | Dislike: 80


Twitch, twitch stream, streaming, live streaming, live game stream, fortnite, fortnite battle royale, battle royale, ninja, drake, rapper drake, ninja twitch, concurrent viewers, record-breaking stream, record-breaking twitch stream, pretty good gaming, pgg, pg gaming, mike williams, gareth evans, liam mckelvey, jake kulkowski

Canadian rapper Drake done a stream with some guy called Ninja on Twitch and oh my god so many people watched it. They streamed some Fortnite Battle Royale, smashing concurrent viewer records on the streaming platform and cementing Fortnite’s place as the biggest game on the planet.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans
Script: Mike Williams
Editor: Liam McKelvey


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Twitch Prime gives away FREE GAMES!Twitch Prime gives away FREE GAMES!
00:05:16March 15, 2018, 4:00 am
Twitch Prime gives away FREE GAMES!

Channel: Pretty Good Gaming & Total View: 21436

Add Date: March 15, 2018, 4:00 am & Duration: 00:05:16

Likes: 967 | Dislike: 33


Twitch, twitch prime, ps plus, playstation plus, playstation, playstation 4, ps4, xbox live, xbox, xbox one, xbox games with gold, games with gold, superhot, oxenfree, shadow tactics, twitch subscription, free twitch games, free games, amazon prime, games, gaming, videogames, free pc games, pc games, pc gaming, free games twitch, pretty good gaming, pgg, pg gaming, mike williams, gareth evans, liam mckelvey, jake kulkowski

Twitch Prime now offers ‘free’ games to subscribers every month, starting with Superhot, Oxenfree, Shadow Tactics and more. It’s a subscription service that now rivals the likes of Playstation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold on the PC.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans
Script: Mike Williams
Editor: Jake Kulkowski

Twitch -

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When gaming stuff just STOPS working! -
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RISE OF INSANITY (Full Playthrough - Indie Horror) - Twitch Archive 3/3/18

Channel: Bowlingotter & Total View: 1830

Add Date: March 14, 2018, 8:15 pm & Duration: 02:29:04

Likes: 73 | Dislike: 1


twitch, games, rise of insanity, rise of insanity gameplay, indie horror, bowlingotter indie horror, rise of insanity playthrough, rise of insanity ending, rise of insanity full playthrough, rise of insanity full game, bowlingotter stream, bowlingotter live

We did a full playthrough of Rise of Insanity on our Twitch stream on 3/3/18
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Outro song: "Pongathon" by Matt Buckley

Twitch Announces Free Games with Prime Program - IGN News

Channel: IGN News & Total View: 5075

Add Date: March 13, 2018, 4:00 pm & Duration: 00:00:35

Likes: 119 | Dislike: 6


IGN, ign, ps4, games, Linux, gaming, iPhone, Feature, nintendo, OxenFree, Superhot, Macintosh, ign news, xbox one, Xbox One, xbox gold, Mr. Shifty, video games, breaking news, PlayStation 4, games with gold, Nintendo Switch, playstation plus, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Oxenfree and Superhot lead this month's lineup of Free Games with Prime.

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00:27:51February 28, 2018, 5:02 pm

Channel: 500BROS & Total View: 4778

Add Date: February 28, 2018, 5:02 pm & Duration: 00:27:51

Likes: 13 | Dislike: 2


twitch, games, cs:go, cs go, counter-strike, esl, dreamhack, eleague, awp, sk gaming,, dignitas, navi, Natus Vincere, cloud9, nip, envyus, fnatic, astralis, tyloo, optic, north, kennys, get_right, forest, nothing, shroud, hltv, fallen, coldzera, pasha, neo, snax, s1mple, guardian, shox, scream, niko, glave, xyp9x, device, olof, olofmeister, faceit, esea, dragon lore, bayonet, karambit, m9 bayonet, dust2, cache, mirage, overpass, cobbe, inferno, train, nuke, zowie, bomman, tungtt, cuongot, cuongdilmah

Product by 500BROS Studio.
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Try hard PUBG + CSGO cùng 500 Bros Studio
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The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor - Akupara Games Twitch Stream hosted by Richard

Channel: Akupara Games & Total View: 4

Add Date: February 20, 2018, 10:36 am & Duration: 01:45:04

Likes: 1 | Dislike: 0


The Metronomicon, Akupara Games, Puuba, Twitch, Indie dev, development, video games, AnimatedBreakTV, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Stream, gaming, Rhythm, RPG, Music, dance, beat

In this episode, Richard takes another crack at The Metronomicon, as he attempts to tackle some of the more challenging and difficult levels, while rockin' out to the killer game soundtrack. Broadcast February 16, 2018.

The Metronomicon is currently available worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Steam.
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Join us every other Friday, as Richard (@animatedbreak) hosts our streams our Twitch channel at 12 PM ET/3PM PT!
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Tips for Twitch Streamer Success! + WORST games we completed + MORE | Pretty Good Gaming Podcast #51

Channel: Pretty Good Gaming & Total View: 16955

Add Date: February 19, 2018, 3:00 am & Duration: 01:03:15

Likes: 544 | Dislike: 18


Twitch, twitch streaming, gaming, games, podcast, voice actors, voice acting, best games, worst games, patreon, gaming podcast, videogames, games podcast, game settings, fictional settings, retro remasters, best remasters, pretty good gaming podcast, best gaming podcast, ultimate gaming podcast, videogame podcasts

This podcast first went live to Patrons on Thursday, February 15. This week, Jake, Liam and Mike discuss and answer another heap of great questions from our Patreon Supporters.

Host: Jake Kulkowski
With: Mike Williams and Liam McKelvey
Editor: Emmi Manteau

1:10 To Twitch or not to Twitch?
7:51 What’s your Spirit Animal?
10:14 Do you complete?
15:37 Voice Actor Shock Horror!
19:09 1 Game for 24H?
22:09 1 Game for LIFE?
25:26 Significant Games?
31:15 Favourite Fictional Time Period?
38:10 R U Pretty Good Gamers?
45:01 Drunken Gaming?
47:58 Menu Select Sound?
50:50 Retro Remastered?
56:05 Worst Game You’ve Completed?

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Best Twitch Dota 2 Stream Moments #166 ft Miracle-, zai, Gorgc, GH, Matumbaman and AdmiralBulldog

Channel: Dota Recap & Total View: 103843

Add Date: February 15, 2018, 1:50 am & Duration: 00:21:32

Likes: 900 | Dislike: 39


dota 2, dota recap, twitch moment dota 2, twitch dota 2 stream, Best Twitch Dota 2 Stream Moments, best dota 2 stream moments, twitch dota 2, twitch dota 2 fail stream, dota 2 pro fails compilation, twitch highlights dota 2, best dota 2 twitch stream, dota 2 stream highlights, twitch moments dota 2, best moments twitch stream dota 2, twitch stream dota 2, AdmiralBulldog, Gorgc, Miracle stream, Miracle, Miracle-, miracle twitch stream, miracle twitch, Miracle funny moments

Thumbnail by SilverMoonya

Best plays, funny moments and fail compilation from Dota 2 Pro Player Twitch Stream with Twitch chat included.
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⏩ Players and Streamers featured in the video
Miracle- :
AdmiralBulldog :
BananaSlamJamma :
Gorgc :
zai :
PurgeGamers :
Kyle/Swindlemelonzz :
DreamLeague :
Epicenter :
RawdotaTV :
HelenaLive :

DreamLeague Season 9
DreamLeague is back with Season 9, scheduled for March 2018. DreamLeague will once again be featured on Valve's Dota Pro Circuit with 300 points counting for...

00:05:21February 13, 2018, 10:00 pm

Channel: MiikaPekka - Slot Videos & Live Streams & Total View: 1423

Add Date: February 13, 2018, 10:00 pm & Duration: 00:05:21

Likes: | Dislike:


miikapekka - slot videos, online slot machine, twitch, jackpot, big win, videoslots, moon princess, play'n go, star, 5 wilds



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Twitch Livestream | The Godfather II Part 1 [Xbox 360]Twitch Livestream | The Godfather II Part 1 [Xbox 360]
05:53:47February 11, 2018, 7:38 pm
Twitch Livestream | The Godfather II Part 1 [Xbox 360]

Channel: BrownMan & Total View: 44197

Add Date: February 11, 2018, 7:38 pm & Duration: 05:53:47

Likes: 327 | Dislike: 9


Ray, Narvaez, BrownMan, B1GnBr0wN, Achievement, Hunter, Rooster, Teeth, Twitch, Livestream, The, Godfather, Godfather 2, New, York, Florida, Cuba, Hyman, Roth, Michael, Corleone, Fredo, Aldo, Third, Person, Xbox 360, Part 1

**This stream was recorded on February 10th, 2018**

Gameplay starts at: 8:23

Check out the Godfather 2 playlist:

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2110 W Slaughter Ln, #107-172, Austin, TX 78748

Waking Titan: Courage99 Twitch Stream of NYC Live Drop for 10th Glyph | GAMES

Channel: Kyle Culver & Total View: 913

Add Date: January 20, 2018, 8:09 pm & Duration: 00:25:00

Likes: 40 | Dislike: 0


waking titan, ARG, courage, courage99, twitch, stream, live drop, NYC, WT-S2

Waking Titan Recap Series Playlist:

Courage99 twitch channel:
Waking Titan website:
CSD website:
Waking Titan Game Detectives wiki:

Curious for More?
Ko-Fi (donate):

Bang's Twitch, go for Bot duo with Mata [ Game full ]

Channel: SKT T1 Bang & Total View: 56934

Add Date: January 8, 2018, 4:36 pm & Duration: 00:25:39

Likes: 241 | Dislike: 14


SKT, Faker, Wolf, Bang, Blank, Untara, Peanut, Huni, Sky, 이상혁, 후니, , 울프, 블랭크, 윤왕호, 스카이, 운타라, 프로게임팀, 프로게이머, LCK, 롤챔스, 롤드컵, 우승

2017.01.04 Streaming

- Bang Twitch ( )

Welcome to SKT T1 'Bang' Official Youtube Channel !
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UPDATE: New CRPG video series, Twitch streaming, website

Channel: Chris Davis & Total View: 2418

Add Date: December 7, 2017, 10:47 am & Duration: 00:10:23

Likes: 213 | Dislike: 0


isometric crpgs, channel update, twitch streaming, website update, fallout, baldurs gate, icewind dale, planescape torment, pillars of eternity, divinity original sin, divinity original sin 2, tides of numenera, tyranny, crpgs, crpg series

Quick update video to let you know about a new video series I'm doing on isometric CRPGs, plus a bit about my new Twitch streams and website.

Twitch -
Twitter - @cdavis_games
Website -

Isometric CRPGs - 0:00
Twitch - 6:10
Website - 9:16

How I play video games as a Quadriplegic + My new twitch channel

Channel: JDGTV & Total View: 267

Add Date: December 4, 2017, 5:45 pm & Duration: 00:14:29

Likes: 5 | Dislike: 0


Wondershare Filmora, play video games as a Quadriplegic, quadriplegic playing video games, quadriplegic adaptive equipment, quadriplegic assistive devices, tools for quadriplegics, communication devices for quadriplegics, apps for quadriplegics, quadriplegic video games, game controller for quadriplegic, twitch, twitch game, twitch account, software for quadriplegics, games for quadriplegics, quadjoy, jdgtv,

Hey what's up everybody I hope you are having a wonderful day on top of that this video is about how I play video games as a quadriplegic plus I created a account so you can watch me play video games live! Also, I will show you the behind the scenes on exactly how I am able to play video games and work my computer with the technology that I currently own and use! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or go to my website and leave a comment and show some love! Link to my website/Facebook/twitter

Gaming Podcast - Ep 039. Twitch Cam GirlsGaming Podcast - Ep 039. Twitch Cam Girls
00:51:46November 27, 2017, 7:58 pm
Gaming Podcast - Ep 039. Twitch Cam Girls

Channel: Backspace Nomads & Total View: 4992

Add Date: November 27, 2017, 7:58 pm & Duration: 00:51:46

Likes: 43 | Dislike: 6


Backspace Nomads, BackspaceNomads, 2017, Gaming, Games, Video Games, Video, Twitch, Twitch Cam Girls, Cam Girls, Titty Streamers, Indie Gaming, Game Preview, New Releases, New Games, Podcast, Gaming Podcast, Indie Games, Bad Games, Good Games, November, Twitch Titty Streamers

We're Back!

Episode 039 of Backspace Nomads! On this episode of the Gaming Podcast, we catch up with what we've been doing for the two week's that we're off the air. After this, we have a full conversation about Twitch and the Cam Girl culture that has been growing on the platform. Finally, we wrap the show with a look at the new releases in gaming with The Good, The Bad, and the Indie.

⏬ Show Rundown:
0:03 Intro
15:00 Twitch Cam Girls
30:08 The Good, The Bad, and The Indie

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Backspace Nomads is a gaming group with a weekly gaming podcast as it's heart. It's hosts Brian and Monica discuss gaming topics, take a look at what's released in gaming, and bring gamer's on to share their gaming stories in our segment - Time of Game.


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HOT Gamer Girl Streamers Compilation Live Stream 2017 Twitch TV #26

Channel: SmilezzTV Fails & Total View: 15917

Add Date: November 23, 2017, 7:00 am & Duration: 00:04:55

Likes: 81 | Dislike: 7


twitch girls, twitch girl fails, girl twitch fails, girl fails 2017, twitch girl, livestream, hottest twitch girl, twitch, girl, stream, streamer, legendarylea, girl twitch, twitch girls fails, twitch girls fail, live, cincinbear, alinity, the best twitch girls, celestiavega, streamers, pink_sparkles, hottest, girl streamers, twitch tv, live stream, girls,, twitch moments

You daily dose of SmilezzTV Fails is now ready for you.

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• Dinglederper
• Dolliah
• FluffyArissa
• ItsNatashaFFS

HOTTEST Gamer Girl Streamers Compilation Live Stream 2017 Twitch...

{NL} "IK WIL MEER GOUD!" Gold Rush: The Game TWITCH UPLOAD 18-11-17

Channel: Blokkie Games & Total View: 5822

Add Date: November 19, 2017, 10:00 pm & Duration: 00:53:05

Likes: 153 | Dislike: 3


twitch, games, blokkie games, blokkiegames gold rush, gold rush blokkiegames, gold rush the game, gold rush the game blokkiegames, lars, blokhuis, lars blokhuis, blokkiegames, twitch upload, blokkie games twitch, tier 3 goldrush, gold rush nederlands

Tijd voor een nieuwe stream van Gold Rush!

Bekijk de stream op twitch:

Vond je deze video leuk? Vergeet dan niet het blauwe duimpje omhoog en te abonneren! Daar help je mij enorm mee!


Doneren (IDeal Paypal en meer)

Partner van Nitrado Game servers!:

DO VR ZA ZO tussen 19:30/20:00 LIVE:


Hoi, en welkom op BlokkieGames hét gamekanaal uit het oosten met een behoorlijk accent!

Wat kun je zoal verwachten op dit kanaal? Ik specialiseer mij in simulatiegames denk aan Farming Simulator 17 en EuroTruckSimulator 2, dat is niet alles ik speel natuurlijk ook andere games! Ik probeer om bijna elke dag een video om 17:00 online te zetten.

Naast video's stream ik ook 4x in de week op DO (YT) VR (TW) ZA (YT/TW) ZO (TW) zie ik jou bij de video's of misschien wel bij de livestreams?

Voor nu zeg ik KALLUUM!

[Twitch] To Continued Success! | Battle Brothers - Let's Play ep 3 [Campaign] [Gameplay]

Channel: Game kNight & Total View: 181

Add Date: November 2, 2017, 12:00 pm & Duration: 01:03:27

Likes: 7 | Dislike: 0


battle brothers, battle brothers gameplay, battle brothers lets play, lets play battle brothers, battle brothers lp, battle brothers walkthrough, battle brothers game, battle brothers episode, battle brothers release, lets play, gameplay, walkthrough, playthrough, 1080p, 1080p60, game knight plays, battle brothers live, game knight, BBS1, battle brothers guide, battle brothers tips

Hello buddies

Welcome to Battle Brothers - this is from my stream of Battle Brothers, which I will be playing until we finish a campaign!

Join us on Twitch ► every Wednesday from 8PM - 11PM Paris time - you can join the kNightly Buddyhood by redeeming a name there.

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Blade & Soul: ANNOUNCEMENT - Livestreaming This Week, Twitch.TV/EZ_Lifes

Channel: Mr EZ 4 Lifee & Total View: 429

Add Date: October 17, 2017, 9:31 pm & Duration: 00:02:57

Likes: 12 | Dislike: 0


mrez4lifee, mrez4life, mrez4life2, Blade & Soul: ANNOUNCEMENT - Livestreaming This Week, Twitch.TV/EZ_Lifes, twitch, bns, pve, pvp, livestream, fails, epidsode, stream, mmo, rpg, gear, kfm, destroyer, echogen, shiro, taegeun, ocd enhanced, tony, ncsoft, ncwest, loot, raven, raid, dungeon, mechanics, 24m, 12m, guild, clan, party, character, dailies, gold, farming, skills, ptach, rage of the hive queeen, temple of eluvium, skybreak spire, ebon lair, cowboy bebop, anime, bns anime, combo, mechs, skins, outfits, events

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"Mr EZ 4 Lifee"
Whats going on guys this is The One Man Army Mr EZ 4 Lifee and thank you for watching today"s video I really appreciate it if you dropped a like if you enjoyed and don"t forget to subscribe if you have not already to keep in touch of my latest videos and news stay tuned for more to come your way and I hope you all are Having a EZ Day and this has been The One Man Army Mr EZ 4 Lifee and I"m out peace.

CS:GO de_train ace during Twitch viewer & subscriber games

Channel: BanKs Esports & Total View: 14

Add Date: October 13, 2017, 4:53 am & Duration: 00:01:06

Likes: 0 | Dislike: 0


twitch, games, de_train ace, ace on train, professional csgo ace, csgo smart plays, csgo, counter-strike global offensive, CS:GO, Twitch, Viewer, subscriber, esports, James Banks, BanKs, BanKs Esports

First buy round, smart little ace to win us the round, went on to win the entire game pretty well!

Watch live at

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How to download any clip form - easiest way!

Channel: Scorpius & Total View: 359

Add Date: October 11, 2017, 9:01 am & Duration: 00:01:40

Likes: 23 | Dislike: 0


twitch, dowload twitch, dowload twitch clip, dowload any clip, dowload any twitch clip, twitch clip, how to download twitch, jak siągnąć klip z twitch, how to dowload, games, clip, klip,, twitch dowload

How to download any clip form any Twitch channel the easiest way!
No software, no website needed!
Dowload any clip in seconds!




Cheap games



September Update | Twitch, Upcoming Games and More!September Update | Twitch, Upcoming Games and More!
00:04:08September 20, 2017, 2:14 pm
September Update | Twitch, Upcoming Games and More!

Channel: Sarumonin & Total View: 19

Add Date: September 20, 2017, 2:14 pm & Duration: 00:04:08

Likes: 5 | Dislike: 0


Ascendum, Saru, Sarumonin Ashes of Creation, Sarumonin First Impressions, First Impression, Game Reviews, Blood Ancestors, Sarumonin,, Cryy, Cryy x Saru, Cryy x Sarumonin, Sarumonin Twitch, Snowpeak Studio, Steam

Blood Ancestors

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Alpha Beta Gamer

Brand new channel intro:

Thanks to one of my closest friends, Cryy:

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Just Cause 3 | Live Stream - (Part 5)Just Cause 3 | Live Stream - (Part 5)
00:14:58September 5, 2017, 11:00 am
Just Cause 3 | Live Stream - (Part 5)

Channel: TheTherapy Gamer & Total View: 4

Add Date: September 5, 2017, 11:00 am & Duration: 00:14:58

Likes: 0 | Dislike: 0


twitch, games, 2017, Just Cause 3, TheTherapyGamer, TheTherapyGamer Just Cause 3, Travel Vlog, comment, gamer, health, lets play, like, massage therapy, paradise, photography, subscribe, ttg, vegan

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SELECT: ReCore #2.5 (Game glitched, got stuck) Full Twitch Stream

Channel: Til Plays & Total View: 5

Add Date: September 3, 2017, 5:12 pm & Duration: 01:54:29

Likes: 0 | Dislike: 0


twitch, games, ReCore, Xbox One

Running around in circles this episode as I try to figure out what I'm supposed to do. Sorry!

More live streams at

▶Official Website:

Amo Plays PUBG - Twitch Stream 3 - Worst Game Ever (So Far) (Gameplay)

Channel: Amo387 & Total View: 18

Add Date: August 28, 2017, 2:08 am & Duration: 01:02:00

Likes: 3 | Dislike: 0


twitch, games, Let's Play, Gameplay, Amo Plays, videogame, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, PUBG, multiplayer, co-op, coop, fps, first person shooter, stream, chicken dinner

Playing some PUBG with friends!


Amo Streams Games Playlist:

Amo Plays World of Warcraft Legion Playlist:

Amo Plays Fallout 4 Playlist:


Game night w/ The GOOS Squad (Full Twitch Stream, 08/18/17)

Channel: Til Plays & Total View: 9

Add Date: August 21, 2017, 7:03 pm & Duration: 02:30:48

Likes: 0 | Dislike: 0


twitch, games, halo 5, overwatch, xbox one

Starting with a little Halo 5 (and audio issues), followed mostly with Overwatch.

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More live streams at

▶Twitter -
▶Official Website -

What Is Twitch? | How To create Twitch Account? | How to get money from It in Hindi

Channel: Learning Zone & Total View: 2976

Add Date: August 18, 2017, 5:30 am & Duration: 00:03:29

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Namaskar Dosto aj is video mai main apko batane wala hun Twitch Kya hai? Twith mai kaise a/c banate hai aur kya isse paisa kama sakte hai agar hun to wo kaise?

Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.
Twitch is a popular online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts. When it was founded it 2011, Twitch originally focused almost entirely on video games but has since expanded to include streams dedicated to artwork creation, music, talk shows, and the occasional TV series.

Scanner Sombre | Stream - (Part 4)Scanner Sombre | Stream - (Part 4)
00:14:54July 30, 2017, 7:00 am
Scanner Sombre | Stream - (Part 4)

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my first S- (LoL placement games) - twitch highlight #6

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I really have no clue how this game got me an S-. This was so hard to re-watch.



Intro Music: Paul Flint - Sock It To Them

Did this Twitch Streamer really DESERVE to get BANNED!?

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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Twitch Streamer Dr Disrespect was BANNED from PUBG earlier this week and the story behind it is...pretty weird. In today's video we discuss what happened between the Twitch personality and Playerunknown himself Brendan Greene and how it spiralled into the daftest story of the week.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans
Script: Liam McKelvey
Editing: Jake kulkowski

Dr Disrespect -

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Starting My Brand New Project, Games and Grids! (Twitch Stream #41)

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10 Shocking Moments Caught on Twitch TV - Part 3 (Twitch Clips)

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10 Shocking Moments Caught on Twitch TV part 3 | twitch fails

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Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV

10 Photos That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

Fire in the Neighborhood
Twtich streamer Jesikajay was streaming live on Twitch when a fire broke out just outside her house. A loud noise caught her attention, and it was coming from her neighbors telling her to run. It was the time when she noticed a huge fire at the back of her house – she went out, and continued streaming what was happening in her neighborhood.
A Huge Donation
While most Twitch streamers get a lot of attention, especially when they are streaming quality content, they also get huge donations every once in a while. Kittyplaysgames for example, got a huge donation that probably holds the record on Twitch –...

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