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This is an amazing game. We win. This is a replay that i am recorded because you can't covert replay files. its not very good kill wise but i have a squad game i played today which I won. it will be uploaded later this week. The game coming out next week is the most overall squad kill game i have ever had. I hope you have enjoyed if so then smash that like button and subscribe if you're new. Also i am sorry for the lack of uplaods.

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Make sure to donate to me on to make sure we can do future seasons of this like season 2 in around 150 episodes.

Also some of my good friends have a youtube channel and I would greatly appreciate if you would drop them a sub. Also if you have a youtube channel and would like to be in this list make sure you are subbed and try to do a collaboration with me:
Life if jacob:

Credits go to Sir_sheepman for the...

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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, pubg, replay system, pubg replay, replay feature, back replay, demo, share demos, share replays, save replay, replays, pubg coach, coaching, pubg replay function, battlegrounds

pubg hotspots:


reddit url:

A guide on how you can store your replays on your computer and how to share your replays with other people.

Spooky Games Sunday 2017 #1 fnaf Sister Location Replay

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Sister Location, fnaf, Spooky Games

♡ O P E N ♡

Sims 4 GALLERY: Ktkisses4Jt

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My Facebook Groups

My Facebook Group For Youtuber Dollar Tree Haulers

My main Freebie Group on Fb Ms. Kelly Ts Freebies
I post all freebie link here as I sign up for...

How To Fightcade Manuel Replay File / Fightcade Replay Dosyası Oluşturma

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Fİghtcade, Fightcade Replay, Prototype Replay, Final Burn Alpha replay, kof98, kof 98 online, kof, Replay File

How to Fightcade and Prototype 4.2 Manuel Replay File

Bu işlem Fİnal Burn Alpha ile uyumludur.


1- Fightcade Programını açıyoruz Online veya Offline farketmez bir oyun şeçiyoruz.

2- Kaydı başlatmak için sırasıyla "GAME / Record Input" a tıklıyoruz ve kayıt dosyamıza bir isim verip

"Kaydet" diyoruz.

Evet şuan ekranın sağ üst köşesinde kırmızı kayıt işareti çıktı.

3- Kaydı sonlandırmak için "GAME / Stop replay/record" diyoruz.Şimdi Recordings klasöründe ".fr" uzantılı dosyamız oluşturuldu.

-----KAYDI iZLEME----

4- Oyundayken "Game / Replay input" tıklıyoruz ve kayıt dosyamızı seçiyoruz oynatma başlıcaktır.
evet oynatma başladı.

Not: Oynatma sadece tek kişilik offline modda oluyor.

------KEYİFLİ OYUNLAR------ ( By A2Yada )


1- We open Fightcade Program We choose a game whether online or offline.

2- To start the recording, click on "GAME / Record Input" and the record file will be given a name

We say "Save."

Yes, there...

How to find and move Rocket League .Replay Files [Tutorial PC]

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MSD RL, Rocket League, Rocket League Replays, Share Replays Rocket League, MSD Rocket League, MSD Rocket

Ever wondered how to share your Rocket League Replays with others? This is how! Background music: Foria - Break Away [NCS Release] .

Our Discord: Hey, just a quick How-To for the People who don't already know it :D Feel free to send me your Replay files for the .

On this episode of ShoutStone, Shalthis takes you behind the process and shows you how he puts together his videos! Maybe it'll be interesting, maybe not, but .

Email -- [email protected] -- Explorer - Documents - My Games - Rocket League - TAGames - Demos. here are your replay files Rocket .

How to send Tomm a Replay File (.rofl)How to send Tomm a Replay File (.rofl)
00:06:04March 23, 2017, 7:03 pm
How to send Tomm a Replay File (.rofl)

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eckzert, tomm, tommy, league, legends, legend, ranked, twitch, how, play, 101, learning, learn, gaming, community, gamer, gamers, games, game, send, replay, file, rofl, .rofl, easy

How to send a game replay from the League of Legends' New 2nd Generation Client.

2:36 Dropbox to send replay
4:18 Google Drive to send replay
5:12 Where to share it with Tomm

Social Media:
Snapchat: tommoleo

Music Credits:
Imagined Herbal Flows - Clouds

League of Legends - Easy way to launch ROFL(Replay) Files[Current Patch Only/Official Client]

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Gaming, Video Games, League of Legends, League, League Replays

Intro Skip 0:48

OLD PATCH NOTE: This will ONLY work for replays made in the same patch cycle as the the client, for example a replay made in patch 8.1 will not be able to be played unless

UPDATE 2/7/2017 - I have updated the title and description to hopefully help convey that this only works for replays of the current patch. I am going to make a new video soon that's going to be more in depth and to update some things i've had to cover a bunch in comments of this video.

UPDATE 1/11/2018 - I've had a couple mentions of Garena+, unfortunately it seems like the update/release structure for Garena+ seems to not function like the official client so the folders are structured differently. I don't have any experience with Garena+ so I can't help much with that. I've updated the video title to reflect this.

UPDATE 8/10/2017 - Some people have said it works, Some have said it doesn't, I haven't had time to try it since last month, so if it does work for you leave a comment letting me know!

UPDATE 7/10/2017 - It sadly no longer works! They patched in a check for this method that says: "You are trying to open the League of Legends game client in an invalid way." I am working to find a working solution and I'll post one as soon as I...

How to Get Good | How to Copy a Rocket League ReplayHow to Get Good | How to Copy a Rocket League Replay
00:03:08February 6, 2017, 11:17 am
How to Get Good | How to Copy a Rocket League Replay

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Tutorial, How to, Get Good, Rocket League, Replay, replays, copy replays, saving replays, save replay, save

FYI: Since the game renders the replay on the fly, the replay files are really small (1MB or less) you can share them really easily.

Path to Replay folder:

E:\Users\*yournamehere*\Documents\My Games\Rocket League\TAGame\Demos

If you have questions leave them in comments, or you can always find me or anyone else from Get Good here:

How to open someone else's .rofl file (LoL replay). Creds to Reddit.

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League of Legends, Replay, Rofl, How to, Open, file, else, someone, friends, coach, send, download, cant, share, editing, path, find, Sawy, Janna, Player, Fun, Epic, Amazing, Helpful, Guide, Tutorial, Video, LoL, Riot, Games

Two friends of mine wanted help with this and could not understand what i ment when i gave them the text solutions i found on reddit
So i decided to make this short video for them, sorry to all subs who does not care at all about this - just a helpful video to some friends that i decided to make public since it's most likely will help someone else who might google find it.
Link to the reddit post:

How to get Dota 2 replay fileHow to get Dota 2 replay file
00:00:29December 29, 2016, 12:26 am
How to get Dota 2 replay file

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Dota 2

How to get Dota 2 replay file on your computer


Channel: ᴅᴀʜɴɪ ᴊɪ ʜʏᴜɴ & Total View: 39862

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How to find and move Rocket League .Replay Files [Tutorial - PC]

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MSD RL, Rocket League, Rocket League Replays, Share Replays Rocket League, MSD Rocket League, MSD Rocket

Ever wondered how to share your Rocket League Replays with others? This is how!

Background music:
Foria - Break Away [NCS Release]



How To Watch Your Game Replay On Any BrowserHow To Watch Your Game Replay On Any Browser
00:01:17May 12, 2016, 10:32 pm
How To Watch Your Game Replay On Any Browser

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jist, jisttv, esports, game replay, mobile

Two easy steps to watch your game replay on any browser:
1. Go to and select your game
2. Upload your replay file.
Done! We'll take it from here and send you an email when your video is ready.

Silver 4 Shaco Jungle ReplaySilver 4 Shaco Jungle Replay
00:21:41January 5, 2016, 8:08 am
Silver 4 Shaco Jungle Replay

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League of Legends, Replay, Silver, Jungle

Goddamn janky-ass replay files.

How to Locate LOL Replay Files (To Send in for Replay Analysis)

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gaming, games, gamer, windows, gameplay, commentary, topical, league, legends, riot, champion, spotlight, summoners, rift, guide, tips, tricks, how, beginner, new, player, 101, build, instructional, why, buy, solo, queue, lol

1. Download LOL Replay here:

2. Install LOL Replay

3. Play game

4. Go to the Settings menu and locate your replay directory

5. Find the files you want and send them to me via email to [email protected]

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And on Twitter:

Download League of Legends for FREE here:

REPLAY/SPECTATOR for League of Legends (MAC)!!! .SH FILES

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League Of Legends (Video Game), Mac OS (Operating System), .bat files, lolreplay,, lol, spectator

I figured out how to use the replay .sh files on mac (I SAID .BAT IN VIDEO I MEANT .SH)

Here are a couple of steps to make sure you don't get any errors.

1. Make sure the file is an .sh files downloaded from
2. make sure your league of legends game is up to date
3. The .sh file must have been recorded in the most recent patch.
4. If there are more questions let me know. Comment.

Replay - The X-Files: Resist Or ServeReplay - The X-Files: Resist Or Serve
00:37:18April 8, 2013, 1:13 pm
Replay - The X-Files: Resist Or Serve

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Gameinformer, replay, resist or serve, youtube, ps2, playstation, Game Informer, Let's Play, x-files

Join Game Informer's Andrew Reiner, Tim Turi, Dan Ryckert, and Joe Juba on this episode of Replay where we play The X-Files: Resist or Serve

How to access Lol Replay Files from your computer!

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madcast, plays, the, week, mistress, omnom, how, lolreplay

A few of you were asking, and instead of just telling you, I'll show you. Its realllllly simple so here you go.

Didn't wanna talk so I hope its easy enough to understand.

NBA GAME REPLAY 2012 link hdNBA GAME REPLAY 2012 link hd
00:01:06February 23, 2012, 6:14 pm
NBA GAME REPLAY 2012 link hd

Channel: better files & Total View: 1578

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NBA, GAME, REPLAY, 2012, link, Game Replay

NBA GAME REPLAY 2012 link hd

How to back up GBA save files using a Action Replay or Flashcard.

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How to, Backup, GBA, Save files, PokeSav, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, How-To, YouTube

Here's a tutorial on how to back up GBA save files with only an Action Replay DSi or any slot 1 flashcard. This should work with any GBA game, and will back up games that use both save types.

Download the program here, DLDI patch as usual:

Save files will be dumped as .SAV files, ready for uploading to gamefaqs, hex editing, and using in VBA.

Setting Toribash as the Replay File OpenerSetting Toribash as the Replay File Opener
00:00:36November 6, 2010, 10:33 am
Setting Toribash as the Replay File Opener

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Add Date: November 6, 2010, 10:33 am & Duration: 00:00:36

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Vox, Voxus, Help, Support, FAQ, Toribash, Replay, File, RPL

Replays don't allways automaticaly get set to be opened by Toribash, this normaly happens when you install Toribash without full administrator privilages, in this video you can see how to set Toribash as the default .rpl file opener.

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