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Top 5 Best Desks | 2016Top 5 Best Desks | 2016
00:06:44April 29, 2016, 10:34 am
Top 5 Best Desks | 2016

Channel: TechSource & Total View: 1818431

Add Date: April 29, 2016, 10:34 am & Duration: 00:06:44

Likes: 33866 | Dislike: 1075


best gaming desks, desk, best, top 5, top 5 best desks, best tables, best desk, gaming desk, productivity desk, work desk, glass table, desk setup, setup wars

Here are my personal picks on the Top 5 Best Desks for Productivity and Gaming!
►US Links◄
1) Malm Drawer:
*Malm Pullout:

2) Linnmon 39:
*Linnmon 47:
*Linnmon 59:

3) VertDesk:

4) Hallestad Table Top:
*Alex Drawer Unit:

5) Crowley Glass Desk:

♦Cable Management♦
Pencil Drawer:
Cable Raceway:
Omnimount Sleeve:
Cable Box:
Velcro Straps:
►UK Links◄
1) Malm Drawer:
*Malm Pullout:

2) Linnmon 39:
*Linnmon 47:
*Linnmon 59:

3) VertDesk:


Games That Have Left My Collection - Episode 1Games That Have Left My Collection - Episode 1
00:13:55September 12, 2017, 8:06 am
Games That Have Left My Collection - Episode 1

Channel: Actualol & Total View: 9709

Add Date: September 12, 2017, 8:06 am & Duration: 00:13:55

Likes: 235 | Dislike: 25


Board Games, Board Game, Comedy, Humour, Actualol, Jon Purkis, Card Games, Card Game, Funny, Family, Review, Leaving, Leaver, Left My Collection, Leaving My Collection, VLOG, Betrayal, Betrayal At House on the Hill, Dixit, Mysterium, Mansions of Madness, Burgle Bros, Arctic Scavengers, Clank, Series, Patreon

I talk about board games that I have got rid of over the years and why, and recommend a better alternative. The rest of this series will be exclusively for my Patreon backers. You can see the next episode right now by backing at and help keep Actualol alive.

Board Game Geek:

Thank you for watching! And thank you for all your comments, I love making videos for you all!

If you're new to Actualol, my name is Jon Purkis. My two passions are writing comedy and playing board games, so I decided to combine the two in this YouTube channel.

I make all my videos on my own, in my flat in London, UK, with the help of a diverse selection of wigs.

My favourite videos:

Top Ten Games to Play at Christmas:

The Board Game Song:

Zombie Board Game Mega Review:

5 Alternatives to Pictionary:

Hidden Movement Board Games Mega Review:...

Can you Recommend A Games (Read Desc)Can you Recommend A Games (Read Desc)
00:00:26September 21, 2017, 4:05 am
Can you Recommend A Games (Read Desc)

Channel: GamingWithJamHD & Total View: 46

Add Date: September 21, 2017, 4:05 am & Duration: 00:00:26

Likes: 4 | Dislike: 0

Did you know A Game

Offline Multilayer 100MB (Down)

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Just comment your name and you want to put on intro

Hope you guys like this video
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Bio: hello guys I'm Jam and I love playing Minecraft Upload a video
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My screen rec:Du Recorder

My editor Kinemaster:

See you later Brothers and sisters😋

5 Books On GAME DESIGN You Should Read ➣ RagnarRox • Gameplay Commentary (Skyrim Archery)

Channel: RagnarRox & Total View: 14730

Add Date: November 7, 2015, 5:00 pm & Duration: 00:06:59

Likes: 735 | Dislike: 6


Video Game Design (Field Of Study), The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Video Game), Reading (Quotation Subject), Video Game (Industry), Books, Gameplay, Commentary, Gameplay Commentary, RagnarRox, Rules of Play, The Art of Game Design, Level Up!, A Theory of Fun for Game Design, Game Design Workshop, Jesse Schell, Scott Rogers, Tracy Fullerton, Katie Salen, Eric Zimmerman, Archery, Literature, Game Development, Ragnar, Ragnarox, Ragnar Rox, RagnarRoxx, Roxx

"Are there any good books on Game Design you would recommend, Rag?" is a question I get asked from time to time.

"Yes." is the answer. Here are 5 I can highly recommend for various reasons.

1. Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals (Katie Salen, Eric Zimmerman)
ISBN-10: 0262240459
ISBN-13: 978-0262240451

2. The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses (Jesse Schell)
ISBN-10: 1466598646
ISBN-13: 978-1466598645

3. Level Up!: The Guide to Great Video Game Design (Scott Rogers)
ISBN-10: 1118877160
ISBN-13: 978-1118877166

4. A Theory of Fun for Game Design (Ralph Koster)
ISBN-10: 1932111972
ISBN-13: 978-1932111972

5. Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games (Tracy Fullerton)
ISBN-13: 978-1482217162
ISBN-10: 1482217163

In the background of this commentary, you see my friend Joji owning an entire dungeon in Skyrim with his bow - like a trve Viking.
Go check out his RPG guides and lore videos on his channel Joji Here:
And follow and watch his chill Twitch Stream:

If you want to support me with the show, please visit...

TV Plug & Play Game ConsolesTV Plug & Play Game Consoles
00:08:21June 28, 2013, 5:00 am
TV Plug & Play Game Consoles

Channel: MetalJesusRocks & Total View: 299658

Add Date: June 28, 2013, 5:00 am & Duration: 00:08:21

Likes: 3821 | Dislike: 115


plug and play, plug & play, plug n play, review, reviews, metal, jesus, rocks, console, game, games, jakks, pacific,, gameplay, atari, flashback, plug, play, retro, vintage, namco, arcade, classics, collection, history, retrospective, gaming, collector, star wars tv, spongebob plug n play, plug & play tv, Handheld TV Game (Video Game Platform)

TV Plug & Play consoles are a quick and fun way to get your TV gaming fix. I review four systems and I tell you what I like, and dislike about each.

Please use the links below to get deals & help support Metal Jesus Rocks!

Buy console games eStarland:
Buy old DOS & PC games at GOG:
Collectorz Game Cataloging:
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00:12:07April 3, 2016, 2:39 pm

Channel: danisnotinteresting & Total View: 1890139

Add Date: April 3, 2016, 2:39 pm & Duration: 00:12:07

Likes: 148394 | Dislike: 592


dan's anime reccomendations, anime will ruin your life, anime, dan, howell, danisnotonfire, danisnotinteresting, side channel, my anime list, death note, full metal alchemist, best, start, guide, list, beginniners, new, explanation, sword art online, magi, attack on titan, free, haikyuu, erased, your lie in april, parastye, evangerlion, soul eater, cowboy bebop, stein's gate, animu, weebs

Watch my video explaining why anime will ruin your life:
Get a free Crunchyroll trial to watch all this anime!
My recommendations:

Death Note (boy vs. detective killer diary)
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (epic adventure in magical world)
Sword Art Online (trapped inside an MMO)
Free! (swimming boys)
Haikyu!! (volleyball club)
Erased (child murder mystery)
Your Lie In April (emotional musical drama)
Stein's Gate (time travel cool)
Attack on Titan (giant man eating titans)
Tokyo Ghoul (superpowered cannibals)
Magi (epic aventure arabian nights)
Parasyte (aliens that mutate humans)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (epic robots vs monsters)
Cowboy Bebop (space western)

Honourable Mentions:

Food Wars (hilarious cooking school)
Madoka Magica (girls with magical powers)
Soul Eater (cool stylised supernatural...

Top 10 Upcoming OPEN WORLD PS4 Games in 2016 and Beyond AMAZING PS4 OPEN WORLD GAMES!

Channel: GameCross & Total View: 626339

Add Date: June 23, 2016, 12:00 pm & Duration: 00:08:24

Likes: 3183 | Dislike: 175


Top 10 Upcoming OPEN WORLD PS4 Games in 2016 and Beyond, top 10 upcoming open world ps4 games, top 10 upcoming playstation 4 open world games, upcoming open world ps4 games, upcoming open world playstation 4 games, 10 upcoming open world ps4 games, top 10 upcoming ps4 open world games in 2016/2017, upcoming 2016 open world ps4 games, upcoming top 10 playstation 4 open world games, open world ps4 games coming in 2016/2017, upcoming 2016/2017 open world playstation 4 games

In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Upcoming OPEN WORLD PS4 Games in 2016 and Beyond. Which of these games are you most excited for? Are there any games that you think we missed? Comment your thoughts on the Top 10 Upcoming OPEN WORLD PS4 Games in 2016/2017/2018. This is the Top 10 Upcoming PS4 OPEN WORLD Games!

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#10 - Steep

#9 - Gravity Rush 2

#8 - Ghost Recon Wildlands

#7 - No Mans Sky

#6 - Watch Dogs 2

#5 - Mafia 3

#4 - Final Fantasy XV

#3 - Days Gone

#2 - Spiderman Insomniac

#1 - Horizon Zero Dawn

***Check these videos out!***

10 NEW PS4 Games Gamers Want to See at E3 2016-

Every BIG Upcoming PS4 Console Exclusive in 2016/2017-

Top 10 Upcoming First Person Shooters in 2016/2017-

10 AWESOME Games Coming in Summer 2016!-

25 Awesome Upcoming PS4 Games in 2016 and Beyond-

Samsung LC49HG90 - CHG90 Review: Biggest Gaming Monitor! - Is It Worth It?

Channel: ProtonBehz & Total View: 4738

Add Date: November 30, 2017, 5:35 am & Duration: 00:08:24

Likes: 86 | Dislike: 12


Samsung, LC49HG90, CHG90, 144hz, 1ms, freesync, freesync2, 3840x1080, VA panel, HDR, QLED, Quantom Dot, 49inch, gaming, monitor, review, 32:9 aspect ratio, samsunglc49hg90review:biggestgamingmonitor!isitworthit?, Samsung LC49HG90, Samsung LC49HG90 Review, Samsung gaming monitor, Samsung 144hz, AMD freesync2, HDR gaming monitor, Samsung CHG90, Super ultrawide, QLED gaming monitor, Biggest gaming monitor, Samsung QLED, Best ultrawide, Ultrawide monitor, Monitor review, protonbehz

Thank you so much for watching, I really hope you enjoyed my video on the Samsung LC49HG90 CHG90. Please help support my channel by liking and subscribing for more tech reviews!!

Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram @ProtonBehz . Please feel free to ask me questions and I will be sure to help you out! Thanks!

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Overall Thoughts:

The Samsung LC49HG90 CHG90 is an amazing gaming monitor with high end specs and a huge 49 inch curved screen. I bought this monitor on sale for $999 and it usually retails for $1,499 and it has a VA panel with a resolution of 3840 x 1080, 144hz refresh rate (you need to use a display port cable to achieve this), 1ms response time, freesync technology, HDR compatible, and it has the QLED technology. As far as how wobbly it is on your desk, I would say it's not really wobbly but at the same time it's not stable and it wobbles a little but that's not a huge complaint but just something to take note of.

Now right off the bat, one thing that I really like about the...

How To Get People To Watch Your YouTube VideoHow To Get People To Watch Your YouTube Video
00:05:21April 30, 2013, 4:56 am
How To Get People To Watch Your YouTube Video

Channel: David WalshOnline & Total View: 326126

Add Date: April 30, 2013, 4:56 am & Duration: 00:05:21

Likes: 5948 | Dislike: 818


David Walsh, DavidWalsh365, Youtube Views, get more youtube video views

Get more YouTube video views with this FREE Report

If you'd like to know how to get people to watch your video on YouTube, this video will help you.

After spending some time with YouTube recently, I picked their brains as to what they recommend people do to get more views on YouTube videos.

In this video I lay out the 3 top things they recommend people do to get more YouTube video views.

0:54 Tip #1
1:31 Tip #2
2:58 Tip #3
4:14 Bonus Tip #4

If you are wondering how to get move video views on YouTube, then definitely watch the video.

These tips may be simple but they are definitely effective to get more video views on YouTube.

Not only that, they will also help you get more subscribers to your Channel - check out Tip #3 for that - which will steadily increase your views on your YouTube videos.

If you're looking for a way to get your YouTube video more views, then Tip #1 will help you get you more clicks on YouTube. Once you have that, then move to Tip #2 and get other people to let their friends know about your video.

As I mentioned, when you do all this combined with Tip #3 you'll be well on your way to get more YouTube...

Is a Wifi Hotspot Good Enough for Gaming?!Is a Wifi Hotspot Good Enough for Gaming?!
00:05:07November 20, 2014, 7:47 pm
Is a Wifi Hotspot Good Enough for Gaming?!

Channel: K1NG & Total View: 32271

Add Date: November 20, 2014, 7:47 pm & Duration: 00:05:07

Likes: 142 | Dislike: 18


WiFi, Wi-Fi (Invention), Hotspot (Accommodation Feature), Is a Wifi Hotspot Good Enough for Gaming?! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3), How To Game on a wifi hotspot, What is a wifi hotspot

My Wifi Hotspot is a great WiFi Hotspot first off it has higher download from my router and like 5x better upload speed then my router to. This video I uploading today will have taken me 369 minutes but I used my wifi hotspot and it only took me 57 minutes, I would recommend if you had to use a wifi hotspot to game and if you don't have the best internet the WiFi Hotspot is a good choice!

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What is the best screen for gaming?What is the best screen for gaming?
00:03:27February 10, 2014, 1:27 pm
What is the best screen for gaming?

Channel: 3kliksphilip & Total View: 143631

Add Date: February 10, 2014, 1:27 pm & Duration: 00:03:27

Likes: 1527 | Dislike: 29


best gaming monitor, which is the best, whats the best, monitor for gaming, monitor, gaming, refresh rate, response time, fps, quality, gamers, gamer, professional, choice, opinion, review, csgo

I'm not going to recommend a single monitor- that would make it far too easy! Instead I highlight what you should look out for in this video, my experiences with my Benq xl2420t monitor and whether it gives you the edge in games.

As promised, here's a link to a breakdown of all the other things you need to be aware of in games.

Back when I got mine, the choices for high hz monitors was limited, but now everybody's launching 120 / 144 hz monitors, some at even higher resolutions than 1920x1080! Your choice obviously depends on your budget as well.

Check out my channels:
● 3kliksphilip:
● 2kliksphilip:
● kliksphilip:

Other information you might like:
● Website:
● Twitter:
● PC Specs: Intel 3770K, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 670 2 GB.

How to Choose a Video Game Console For Kids - VideoHow to Choose a Video Game Console For Kids - Video
00:05:21September 6, 2006, 8:39 am
How to Choose a Video Game Console For Kids - Video

Channel: DadLabs & Total View: 5035

Add Date: September 6, 2006, 8:39 am & Duration: 00:05:21

Likes: 22 | Dislike: 10


VideoGame, GameConsole, VideoGames, GameConsoles, kids, games, gaming, GameRatings, gamers, gamer, playstation, xbox360, videogame, parents, fatherhood, parenting, dads, dad, dadlabs - Deciding whether or not to buy your kids gaming consoles is a big decision for parents. In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad discussion the options available when it comes to video game consoles like the XBox and Playstation. The dads reveal what three major factors a parent should consider when looking for a videogame system for their children. The also recommend a few video games that have appropriate game ratings for a kid including Shrek, Harry Potter, and Car from Disney. Watch this video for other helpful tips for parents and their gamers in training. DadLabs Ep. 20 The Lab.

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Recommend a apps for download free gamesRecommend a apps for download free games
00:02:53November 14, 2015, 1:43 pm
Recommend a apps for download free games

Channel: Mr LaoSiau & Total View: 15

Add Date: November 14, 2015, 1:43 pm & Duration: 00:02:53

Likes: 2 | Dislike: 0

Recommend a apps for download free games

How to Make a Charging Cable for "Nintendo DS & GBA SP" - w/ a USB Cable!

Channel: GameInCanada & Total View: 9204

Add Date: August 12, 2017, 10:58 pm & Duration: 00:14:21

Likes: 201 | Dislike: 10


charger gba sp, how to make a charger gba sp, nintendo ds charger, how to make a charger, how to make a charging cable, how to make a usb charger, nintendo ds lost charger, lost gba sp charger, gameboy advance sp

How to Make a Replacement Charging Cable for your Nintendo DS Phat or Gameboy Advance SP!
Often people lose these chargers - and they Both happen to use the Same Style of Charger - Meaning we can go ahead and make our own and it will work for both devices!
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I Bought The First 5 Things Snapchat Recommended To Me

Channel: Safiya Nygaard & Total View: 4281535

Add Date: August 18, 2017, 12:28 pm & Duration: 00:15:57

Likes: 147937 | Dislike: 2287


i bought the first 5 things snapchat recommended to me, snapchat, snapchat ad haul, snap, ad haul, internet haul, the internet made me buy it, haul, bra, geofilter, filter, lens, victorias secret, adidas, shoes, safiya haul, safiya snapchat, safiya, safiya nygaard, safiya buzzfeed, safiya ladylike, safiya and tyler, saf and ty, crusty, crusty cat, safiya cat, safiya crusty, starbucks, hair care, shampoo, conditioner

I bought the first 5 things Snapchat recommended to me! I did an ad haul with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and you guys wanted to see more so I did it again with Snapchat! I wanted to try out some of the things from the Snapchat ads I could find in lenses, filters, and stories, so I bought some to see how they were, and then I did a massive Snapchat haul, with geofilters, Adidas shoes, Victoria’s Secret bras, energy drinks, and shampoo … apparently Snapchat thinks I need a new bra, lol.

My snapchat is: safiyajn

Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications!

This video is NOT sponsored!

Safiya's Nextbeat:

Mind The Gap
Velvet Jacket
Funk Bandits
Tiger Balm
Funk Master
Butternut Squash Jam
Bing Bang Bong
Hot Sole
Captain Of Love
You Can Dance
Morning Good Morning
Daddy Cool
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The SpongeBob Movie Game | Fred ReviewsThe SpongeBob Movie Game | Fred Reviews
00:23:47July 29, 2017, 12:27 pm
The SpongeBob Movie Game | Fred Reviews

Channel: Fred5107 & Total View: 21889

Add Date: July 29, 2017, 12:27 pm & Duration: 00:23:47

Likes: 596 | Dislike: 25


Fred5107TM, Tactical Fred, Fred5107, spongebob movie game, lambhoot, sbmg, review, retrospective, gameplay, playthrough, full walkthrough, battle for bikini bottom, video game, 3D platformer, gamecube, ps2, xbox, xbox 360, ps3, xbox original, full episode, in depth, critique, bikini bottom, rock bottom, planktopolis, classic, 3D spongebob game, the spongebob squarepants movie, mr krabs, plankton, plan z, spongebob squarepants, patrick, spongebob movie game review

Fred dives into Bikini Bottom to review a tie-in to the 2004 SpongeBob SquarePants movie! It takes the manly theme of the movie and incorporates it into the game, but can you handle it?

After the success of Battle for Bikini Bottom, Heavy Iron Studios were given the opportunity to develop this game using the same resources they had at the time. As a result the game is a successor, but not a sequel to BfBB. They are however open to making one.
It has its fair share of issues that can be overlooked, but it should be looked at as its own product. It should be viewed as a movie game, and that's exactly how I judge it.

I acknowledge all issues/minor annoyances this game has. I don't think this game is perfection. I called out the relevant issues. I do not in any way endorse genuine harassment towards opposing opinions.
I genuinely like this game. This is my kind of game in many ways.

19:01 I will correct myself here. It's the PC version of the game that has a different voice actor for Neptune, not the console version. I got it mixed up. The audio comparison I listened to was misleading. Dennis however is voiced by Alec Baldwin in the movie and Fred Tatascore in the console version.

Story: 0:02

10 Unconventional PC Gaming Accessories for Advanced Users

Channel: gameranx & Total View: 532967

Add Date: May 23, 2017, 4:05 pm & Duration: 00:08:45

Likes: 19774 | Dislike: 480


pc gaming accessories, pc gamer accessories, weird pc gaming accessories, weird pc accessories, advanced pc accessories, hardcore pc accessories, hardcore pc gaming, top 10 pc gaming, top 10 gaming, pc gaming hacks, pc gaming tricks, pc repair accessories, unconventional pc gaming, unconventional gaming, best gaming accessories, cheap accessories, cheap gaming accessories, cheap pc gaming accessories, pc gaming under $10, gaming accessories under $10

PC gaming accessories you wouldn't see on a typical list. You already have a mouse and keyboard- let's look at some of the weirder (but still useful) things.
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#10 Tower storage

#9 Maintenance

Keyboard cleaners-

Compressed air -

Mini air compressor

Cheap keyboard vac

#8 Repair

Magnetic screwdriver-

#7 reduce cable-drag

#6 beverages
Cup warmer:

We’d recommend a cooler, but none of them really work

#5 USB back lighting

#4 headset stand

#3 USB foot pedals (crouch slide, or melee attack?)

#2 IF your sound card doesn’t have a built in solution, Simple volume control

TOP 5: BEST Gaming Mice for 2016! (Best for CS:GO, Battlefield, FPS)

Channel: ScatterVolt & Total View: 272487

Add Date: February 28, 2016, 5:00 pm & Duration: 00:06:44

Likes: 2019 | Dislike: 1169


gaming mice under 50, best gaming mouse 2016, gaming mice under 100, ScatterVolt, best gaming mice, best gaming mouse for cs go, best gaming mice 2016, gaming mice 2016, gaming mouse, pc gaming mice 2016, gaming mice under, top 5 best gaming mice, value gaming mice, best gaming mice 2015, best mice, gaming mice, best gaming mouse for battlefield, best pc gaming mice 2016, best mouse for fps games

Here are the top 5 best Gaming Mice that you can get from around $11 to $100 for 2016! These top 5 gaming mice stood out the best in their respective price categories and reviews (under $25, under $50, and under $100). Expect these top 5 gaming mice to increase your pc gaming mouse performance in games such as CS : GO, call of duty, battlefront, and battlefield.

★ Get CHEAP PC games here!

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❤ Editor Credit! (Meli) ►

Honorable Gaming Mouse of 2016 Mention: Razer Mamba ($150)

(5) Best Gaming Mouse of 2016: Redragon M601 ($14)

(4) Best Gaming Mouse of 2016: Logitech G402 ($45)

(3) Best Gaming Mouse of 2016: Minoix Naos 7000 ($55)

(2) Best Gaming Mouse of 2016: Logitech Proteus Core G502 ($70)



Channel: DeanoSauruz & Total View: 98

Add Date: July 5, 2015, 9:11 am & Duration: 00:11:30

Likes: 14 | Dislike: 0


Gamer, Gaming, Console, Comedy, Computer, Games, Indie, Video, Gameplay, Walkthrough, Playthough, Letsplay, game, funny, commentary, DeanoSauruz, Deano, Entertainer, Hilarious, XBOX, PS3, PS4, Steam, deanosauruzrex, Vlog, Vloggy, Vlogging, Facts, The, Person, Behind, Marriage (Quotation Subject), Recommendation, Video Blog (Website Category), Fact (Quotation Subject)


Today I show you the aftermath of the furniture movement over the weekend and also do a nomination of #ThePersonBehindTheGames
Excited for the new Deadpool movie images. Can you suggest a game for me on Steam?







H1Z1 ►


Top 5 Best Laptops for Video Editing 2016Top 5 Best Laptops for Video Editing 2016
00:07:03March 23, 2016, 2:45 pm
Top 5 Best Laptops for Video Editing 2016

Channel: Computing Forever & Total View: 326253

Add Date: March 23, 2016, 2:45 pm & Duration: 00:07:03

Likes: 3027 | Dislike: 345


acer, aspire v15, video editing laptop, laptops, lack78, computing forever, dave cullen, asus, macbook pro, adobe, premiere pro, final cut pro, video editing, technology, dell xps

Dell XPS13 XPS:
15-inch Apple MacBook Pro:
Acer Aspire V 15 V3-575T-7008:
ASUS ZenBook Pro UHD:
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Why Is This In My ''Recommended''?Why Is This In My ''Recommended''?
00:02:19February 19, 2017, 10:35 am
Why Is This In My ''Recommended''?

Channel: CHM Tech & Total View: 67181

Add Date: February 19, 2017, 10:35 am & Duration: 00:02:19

Likes: 3639 | Dislike: 161


youtube, youtube recommended, recommended videos, how to block recommended videos

If you don't want to see a particular kind of videos, or videos by a particular creator, on your ''Recommended'' page, there is a pretty simple way of getting rid of them!

And it's not by typing ''why is this in my recommended'' in the comments...






Music: ''If I Had a Chicken’’(YouTube Audio Library)

ALIEN: Isolation - Game Over, Man!ALIEN: Isolation - Game Over, Man!
00:30:15October 19, 2014, 1:07 am
ALIEN: Isolation - Game Over, Man!

Channel: The Mighty Jingles & Total View: 107675

Add Date: October 19, 2014, 1:07 am & Duration: 00:30:15

Likes: 2711 | Dislike: 363


Jingles, gaming, The Mighty Jingles, Alien: Isolation (Video Game), ALIEN, ALIENS, Gameplay, Playthrough, Alien Quadrilogy (Film Series)

I've had enough, I'm just a big girly-man and my nerves can't take anymore. ALIEN: Isolation has officially beaten me. I don't want to leave you all hanging, however, so I went out and found another playthrough that I felt treated the material as seriously as I did (only with *slightly* less crying and trouser-soiling) and I'm very happy to recommend Dlive's playthrough (link below) to you all. He's the only other YouTuber I've enjoyed watching play the game all the way through.

Dlive22891's ALIEN Playlist:

Alternatively, if you just want to know how the story develops you can see almost two hours of the games' HD cutscenes here:

And now I'm going back to tanks and planes, at least you know if you're hiding in an air vent a StuG isn't going to come in after you and rip your face off.

System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920x1080 resolution

5 Wrestling Video Game DISASTERS!5 Wrestling Video Game DISASTERS!
00:07:31November 4, 2017, 10:00 am
5 Wrestling Video Game DISASTERS!

Channel: WrestletalkTV & Total View: 66670

Add Date: November 4, 2017, 10:00 am & Duration: 00:07:31

Likes: 1650 | Dislike: 75


wrestling, top 5, video game, video game disasters, wrestling video game, wrestling video games, wrestletalk, wwe, wwf, wcw, simpsons, the simpsons, vince mcmahon, sport, tv show, wwe raw, wwe news, wwe smackdown, wwe raw results, raw, smackdown, wwe monday night raw, wrestling news, news show, news, show, wrestletalktv, disasters, 5 wrestling video game, Order WrestleTalk Magazine, Gameplay, daily WWE, Xbox One, family gaming channel, PS4, wwe 2k18, sports, typical gamer, PS3

5 Wrestling Video Game DISASTERS with WWF, WWE, WCW, Simpsons and more!
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Modern Gaming PedagogueModern Gaming Pedagogue
00:03:09February 22, 2016, 7:09 am
Modern Gaming Pedagogue

Channel: Snakes & Lattes Annex & Total View: 6422

Add Date: February 22, 2016, 7:09 am & Duration: 00:03:09

Likes: 238 | Dislike: 5


board games, Snakes & Lattes

David is the very model of a... something or other.
Turn on closed captions to follow along with the lyrics!

Also check us out on The Dice Tower's Board Game Breakfast!

I am the very model of a Modern Gaming Pedagogue,
But rather than the digital, I focus on the analogue.
I promise that if you heed my illuminating monologue,
You'll add at least another title to your gaming catalogue.

From Carcassonne to Power Grid, I know the best of strategy,
Banana Matcho is my choice for humorous dexterity.
I'll help you out with any kind of clean or dirty party games,
But possibly be happiest if you would like to learn Codenames.

And if you're having trouble telling Pentago from Scotland Yard,
I'll be there in a jiffy to make sure that no one's off their guard.
In short if you would like to open up a learning dialogue,
I am the very model of a Modern Gaming Pedagogue.

I recommend a game for you based on your previous history,
But if you do not have one that is not an obstacle for me.
A yearning for a type of play is quite enough to gather up,
A stack of games this high which I will come along and offer up.

Should you...

LowSpecGamer AFK: Tweaking the best Mobile Games?

Channel: LowSpecGamer & Total View: 39314

Add Date: May 2, 2016, 7:45 am & Duration: 00:05:48

Likes: 1212 | Dislike: 60


lowspecgamer, lsg, low spec gamer, afk, the room, increase fps, make fast, galaxys2, lara croft go, monument valley, gltools, nomone, resolution changer

Are there any good Mobile games? Is there any way to increase performance on Mobile games?


The room:
Monument Valley:
Lara Croft Go:

Tools (they require root):

NOMone Resolution Changer:

How To Become A Freelance Game Developer by Joshua Brown

Channel: Joshua Brown & Total View: 1272

Add Date: April 24, 2014, 3:02 pm & Duration: 00:04:47

Likes: 11 | Dislike: 5


Freelancer (Video Game), Freelancer (Job Title), freelance, game, devloper, career, how, become, Video Game (Industry), Work, Video Game Development (Industry), Job (Quotation Subject), tester, Advice (Quotation Subject), video, joshua, brown

Get any job in the video game industry today with the best-selling book How to Become a Game Designer -

In this video I provide some quick tips on the process of how to become a freelance game developer.

As a freelancer you will often get the chance to work from home and be hired to make a single or group of game assets. However, some freelancers, such as writers are hired at the beginning of the games development to come into the development studio and help with the game design document, plotting the story, creating characters back-stories etc.

Make sure that when you are contacted by an employer / game development studio that you respond promptly in a professional manner. Always try to provide an estimate price for you work in the first email response as the developer will have a figure already in their head that they are comparing you to with other potential candidates.

You can work out how much you should charge with the following formula:

Your Bid = Top Hours * Top Rate * Potential Errors

Offer your services by a pay per asset or pay per time. I highly recommend a pay per time if you will be contributing throughout a project. This will ensure you focus on creating better quality game...

DuckTales Remastered Longplay [PS3/PSN HD]DuckTales Remastered Longplay [PS3/PSN HD]
03:47:47August 15, 2013, 12:16 pm
DuckTales Remastered Longplay [PS3/PSN HD]

Channel: VG Archives & Total View: 543640

Add Date: August 15, 2013, 12:16 pm & Duration: 03:47:47

Likes: 565 | Dislike: 169


DuckTales, DuckTales Remastered, DuckTales Moon, DuckTales Remastered Moon, DuckTales The Moon, DuckTales Remastered The Moon, Ducktales Remastered Gameplay, DuckTales Theme, Uncle Scrooge, Scrooge McDuck, Huey Dewey and Louie, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Huey Dewey Louie, Launchpad McQuack, Duckworth, Mrs. Beakley, Webby, Brentalfloss, Disney, Walt Disney, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales Moon Theme Extended, DuckTales Remastered Extended, Best VGM, Ducktales Remastered Longplay, Longplay, Gameplay

DuckTales Remastered 3 Hours Longplay. Enjoy the gameplay along with all the cutscenes that appear time to time.

NOTE: I never played the original DuckTales which is why it was on "Easy" and for the purpose to continue instead of starting over the level. [New Feb 2014 Note below]
UPDATED DEC NOTE: No one reads descriptions anymore. The above note is necessary and because this was my first Longplay. Remember to always check what videos the users always provide before you comment. Make sure to read the profile info as well too. You have enough time.

FEB 2014 NOTE: I would recommend a different Longplay for this game. This was possibly never edited, this was a first Longplay and this is played by someone who has disorders. A previously deleted comment correctly commented one of them.

I wouldn't recommend it. This is also possibly why I don't do commentary. That and the fact you have a YouTuber who does harsh criticism by videos. Look it up.

There is always an alternative if one prefers just cutscenes from the game instead of a Longplay. It's more well made.

DuckTales Remastered Cutscenes

Released: August 13, 2013...

Best PC for Video Editing? — Custom 4K Video Editing PC Review

Channel: Think Media & Total View: 98608

Add Date: January 31, 2017, 9:35 am & Duration: 00:11:25

Likes: 1467 | Dislike: 218


best pc for video editing, custom video editing pc, best pc for video editing 2017, video editing pc build, video editing pc build list, 4k video editing computer, 4k video editing workstation, video editing computer setup, best 4k video editing pc, 4k pc build, 4k pc setup, think media tv, sean cannell, computer upgrade king, computer upgrade king review, custom 4k pc, best 4k pc build, 4k video editing build, 4k video editing pc build

Quick review of my custom 4K video editing PC and tips on how to find the Best PC for Video Editing! **** Download the FREE Think Media TV Video Gear Buyer's guide an here:

CUK Sentinel VR Extreme Gaming Desktop Computer (on Amazon)

CUK Sentinel Custom VR Extreme Gaming Desktop PC (S340 Black)

Use coupon code THINKMEDIATV to get 5% off your entire order at Computer Upgrade King.

Here are the specifications of my Video Editing PC:
* Intel Core i7-6700K Quad Core Processor 4.0GHz
* NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
* 64GB (4 x 16GB) 2133MHz DDR4 RAM
* 500GB Solid State Drive (Windows 10 Installed)
* 500GB Solid State Drive (For Video Editing Media Catch Files)
* 4TB 5900rpm Solid State Hybrid Disk Drive (For the actual video files)
* Corsair Hydro H60 CPU Cooler

Check out the customization options of the Sentinel on CUKUSA in white and black here:

(Article) Editing in 4K: Minimum System Requirements

(Article) Building a 4K Video Editing PC vs. Buying a 5K...


Channel: Ka'i'ini & Total View: 996

Add Date: November 20, 2017, 2:34 pm & Duration: 00:15:19

Likes: 64 | Dislike: 3


WARNING THIS GAME WILL GET YOUR BLOOD BOILING (GETTING OVER IT), GETTING OVER IT, getting over it gameplay, getting over it rage, rage games, funny games, funny gameplay, kaiini, getting over it with bennett foddy

WARNING THIS GAME WILL GET YOUR BLOOD BOILING (GETTING OVER IT)!! If you enjoy this video make sure to tell me in the comments below and recommend a game for me to play in the next video!

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Cry Plays: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater [P1]

Channel: Cryaotic & Total View: 432315

Add Date: June 3, 2015, 9:00 am & Duration: 01:00:17

Likes: 10589 | Dislike: 74


chaoticmonki, cry plays, cryaotic, metal gear solid 3, snake easter, let's play, gameplay, ps3, let's play metal gear solid 3 snake eater, let's play metal gear solid 3, playthrough, metal gear solid 3 playthrough, commentary, stealth, playstation 3, bad player gon' get GUD, seriously why I pick hard, this is gonna be ROUGH

Game :

If you haven't played/seen the first two Metal Gear Solid games, I highly recommend a quick knowledge drop.

Short summary :

Extended summary for Metal Gear Solid 1 :

Extended summary for Metal Gear Solid 2 : followed by

I also actually did a quick (by quick I mean 10 hours straight) replay run through of the first game in one sitting a good while back on Twitch, you can watch the good times here if you'd prefer (though I never did get around to playing 2 on stream) :

Holy SHIT that was a lot of text.

Anyway hello folks! Welcome to the next insanely potentially terrible decision of my YouTube life: playing the arguably greatest Metal Gear Solid title for the first time, in front of thousands of people, on hard after not playing an MGS game in 2 years.

Yes I make bad decisions it's how I get by in life, by making everything a little...

Game Grumps Animated - Sophie - By Nic ter HorstGame Grumps Animated - Sophie - By Nic ter Horst
00:01:16March 24, 2016, 11:00 am
Game Grumps Animated - Sophie - By Nic ter Horst

Channel: GameGrumps & Total View: 2722848

Add Date: March 24, 2016, 11:00 am & Duration: 00:01:16

Likes: 44474 | Dislike: 215


lets, play, walkthrough, gameplay, egoraptor, danny, game, grumps, gamegrumps, funny, dead rising, sophie, goddamnit sophie, goddammit sophie, zambos, zombies, sledge hammer, nic ter horst

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Game Crazy Training Video -- h3h3 reaction videoGame Crazy Training Video -- h3h3 reaction video
00:08:30January 15, 2016, 4:29 pm
Game Crazy Training Video -- h3h3 reaction video

Channel: h3h3Productions & Total View: 3371476

Add Date: January 15, 2016, 4:29 pm & Duration: 00:08:30

Likes: 102247 | Dislike: 1353


game crazy, video games, gaming, retro, h3h3 reaction video, h3h3productions, h3h3, ethan and hila, game stop, gamestop

It's time to get jiggy with Game Crazy ft. Zelda

Watch the Reaction Video Playlist --�м

2nd channel.............�м
Hila's Art...................�м

Every month, we give away one unique, beautiful and luscious dunnie. Here is how to win:

We post our new videos on Facebook and Twitter, all you need to do is LIKE AND SHARE/RETWEET each video to be eligible to win. At the end of the month we will randomly select one post from either Facebook or Twitter and then choose one random person who liked and shared that chosen post to win. The more you like/share, the higher chance you have of winning.

At the end of every month we will announce the winner on the...

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