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Starcraft 2 Hidden Matt Horner Scene (Char)

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The last line would have been "Matt, If I fail.... we're all dead men anyway."

The Nydus Worm version of the video starts out "I know taking out those Nydus canals left y'all in the lurch up here... I'm sorry for that."

A few years back I left my computer running on char overnight, and came back and somehow it had bugged out and was on the Hyperion which shouldn't be possible. I hit record and this video was the result. Unfortunately I only had the fraps demo at the time. Looking through my old files I found and posted it.

February 4, 2015, 4:25 am


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StarCraft 2: Talking to Matt Horner in 1080p

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Some of the things Matt Horner has to say in SC2.

SC2 Talking to Characters Series:
Gabriel Tosh:
Ariel Hanson:
Matt Horner:
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Matt Horner on Hyperion Rescues Orlan from Mira Han's Mercenaries (Starcraft 2)

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Captain Matt Horner wanted to find where the Terran Dominion had hidden Commander Jim Raynor. Horner sought the services of Colonel Orlan to hack the Dominion deep-encryption network and locate Raynor. Orlan had previously betrayed the Raiders; he was being held prisoner by Mira Han at Raynor's request. Horner discovered Han would only release Orlan to Raynor - the client - to preserve her reputation. She would not be swayed by the argument that Orlan was needed to free Raynor, or by her "marriage" with Horner. Using Hyperion, the Raiders attacked an asteroid field mining operation belonging to Han. Kel-Morian Combine pirates also operated in the field. The Raiders crippled Han's space station, which convinced her to release Orlan to them. Orlan initially refused to help the Raiders. However, he relented after Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk threatened to return him to Han... "With Friends...

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Seven years ago (July 27. 2010), Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty was released.
This video highlights the most epic moments since then.

Big thanks to all the players in this video and thank you to everyone who supports E-Sports!
Music: (support the creators of this awesome music as well!)

1. Audiomachine - No Return [00:00]
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3. Hans Zimmer - Kraken [00:48]
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9. Two Steps From Hell - Strenght of a Thousand Men [05:06]
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11. Two Steps From Hell - To Glory [06:39]
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Nova's different reactions based on your WOL choices

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In this video i wanna show you how Nova reacts when you meet her in the second mission of the campaign based on the choices you made in Wings of Liberty where you can help her or help Tosh

Matt Horner - All Dialogues In-Game Cutscenes Quotes & Cinematics - StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops

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matt horner, matt horner nova, nova matt horner, horner nova, nova horner, horner dialogues, all horner, all matt horner, i love starcraft, BearAlMighty

BearAlMighty playing StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops from Blizzard.

Full playlist for other characters & events:

Matthew "Matt" Horner is a Terran Dominion admiral, captain of the Hyperion and former member of Raynor's Raiders and the Sons of Korhal

StarCraft 1: Salvation 02 - Matt HornerStarCraft 1: Salvation 02 - Matt Horner
00:44:26February 12, 2017, 9:30 am
StarCraft 1: Salvation 02 - Matt Horner

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Escaping the Insurrection and Zerg invasion of Brontes IV, Charlie Vane changes his identity to escape Confederate authorities. Jim Raynor, the enigmatic Sons of Korhal, and all of the future residents of the Koprulu sector would never know of his past and recognize him only as none other than Matt Horner.

Download it here:!uBoA3ZhZ!y-hzfyncpTTmhwQtUCnr21g2pRm9pOJ6_PjsvGq1LvU

ByuN's Reaper Micro - WCS Global FinalsByuN's Reaper Micro - WCS Global Finals
00:02:31November 4, 2016, 4:45 pm
ByuN's Reaper Micro - WCS Global Finals

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SC2HL, Starcraft 2, Legacy of the Void, WCS Global Finals, Byun Vs TY, Terran vs Terran VOD, Terran vs Terran cast, Starcraft 2 cast, TvT, Byun vs TY WCS, Blizzcon Starcraft

► - Get $20 discount and at Chairs4Gaming using code "SC2HL"

ByuN's sick reaper micro during game 3 of the WCS Global Finals quarterfinals. He played a Terran vs Terran vs KT Rolster TY.

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StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening CinematicStarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic
00:03:19September 13, 2015, 10:47 am
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic

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StarCraft, StarCraft II, StarCraft 2, SCII, SC2, Blizzard, Blizzard Entertainment, Wings of Liberty, WoL, Heart of the Swarm, HotS, Legacy of the Void, Swarm, Void, Legacy, LotV, Opening, Cinematic, Trailer, Preview, Terran, Zerg, Protoss, Oblivion, Whispers of Oblivion, Multiplayer, eSports, RTS, Real-Time Strategy, Prologue, Presale, Preorder

The time of reclamation is upon us! Blizzard Entertainment is pleased to present the StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void opening cinematic. On November 10, 2015, players will join the fight to reclaim Aiur and vanquish the universe’s most ancient evil.
Pre-order StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void today at

Mira Han Flirts With Matthew 'Matt' Horner (Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm)

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You've destroyed my base... and captured my heart. All over again... Wiki: Captain Matt Horner was forced to marry Mira Han after winning a poker game. Horner said he would not have played had he known what the prize was, and made little effort to maintain contact with her afterward. Han took "Mira Horner" as an alias, and continued to address Horner by his full first name: Matthew. She gave Horner a series of encrypted communication codes that he could use to communicate with her, though he never used them until 2504. Han met, and was on friendly terms with, Commander Jim Raynor prior to the Second Great War. By the conflict itself, she had received the death sentence in twelve star systems... Mira Han Flirts With Matthew 'Matt' Horner during "With Friends Like These..." mission from 'Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm' PC game... ► Watch more Starcraft videos:

Kerrigan Finds Out That Jim Raynor is Alive (Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm)

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Kerrigan's broodmothers delivered a communicator, and, on cue, a message from Arcturus Mengsk was delivered. Mengsk told her that Raynor was alive, but that if she brought her Swarm to bear against Korhal or him, Raynor would be killed. Kerrigan couldn't sense Raynor, but swore that she'd rescue him, and set a course for Dominion space... 'Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm' PC game... ► Watch more Starcraft videos:

StarCraft - All cinematicsStarCraft - All cinematics
01:52:06May 6, 2013, 11:58 am
StarCraft - All cinematics

Channel: StarNet42 & Total View: 750988

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starcraft cinematics, starcraft cutscenes, starcraft cinematic, starcraft cutscene, starcraft all cinematics, starcraft movie, starcraft the movie, broodwar cinematics, starcraft 1 cinematics, StarCraft (Video Game), WOL cinematics, HOTS cinematics, starcraft full cinematics, all the cinematics starcraft, Video Game (Industry), broodwar movie, hots movie, wol movie, starcraft cinematics english

I mixed up all the StarCraft cinematics: from StarCraft 1 to Heart of the Swarm.
The updated video with Legacy of the Void is out! Link:

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Characters and Voice Actors - StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

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Characters and Voice Actors - "StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void"
Music: Legacy of the Void SOUNDTRACK - 15 - Unity

Characters and Voice Actors - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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Starcraft II Co-Op Mutation #79: Urban Warfare [Level 1 Han & Horner]

Channel: CtG & Total View: 2239

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Photon Overload - All enemy structures attack nearby hostile units.
Minesweeper - Groups of Widow Mines and Spider Mines are buried throughout the battlefield.
We Move Unseen - All enemy units are permanently cloaked.


Level 1 Commanders are now playable on mutations! Let's do this!

StarCraft 2 - Firebat QuotesStarCraft 2 - Firebat Quotes
00:01:48August 11, 2010, 7:44 pm
StarCraft 2 - Firebat Quotes

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starcraft, starcraft 2, sc2, wings, liberty, terran, unit, firebat, quote, quotes, voice, voices, speech

All of the quotations from the Firebat in StarCraft 2.

Voice actor: Jamieson Price

"Need a light?"

"Ready to roast!"
"Fight fire with fire."
"Say the word."
"You got my attention."
"Fueled up!"
"Ready to fry."

"I'm not just some flash in a pants, you know."
"Slow down, where's the fire?" (flame burst) "Nevermind."
"How'd you want your Zerg: original or extra crispy?"
"Where there's smoke, there's me."
"Burninatin' the countryside."
"I'm always hot... and bothered."
"I'm gonna flip you over and make sure you're done on the other side."
"We're grillin' and killin'."
"Zerg, they plump when you cook 'em."
"Stop, drop, and roll. Hmmph, always makes me laugh!"
"Stop, drop, and die!"
"Turns out I hate the smell of napalm in the...

Starcraft: Rebirth of the Swarm (Full-Length Starcraft 2 Machinima)

Channel: CrainyCreation & Total View: 735535

Add Date: January 25, 2013, 5:30 am & Duration: 01:00:05

Likes: 10524 | Dislike: 397


Starcraft, Rebirth, Swarm, legacy, Machinima, Zerg, Terran, Protoss, Hearth, Full-Length, Film, Movie, Crainy, void, Blizzard

Starcraft: Rebirth of the Swarm is a full-length, fully voiced Starcraft 2 Machinima movie.

The guy I credited as "Mike Hawk" in this movie is actually known as "Yuriegh", just so you know. Stupid mistake on my part, Im sorry.

The movie is set shortly before the events of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty and focuses on the return of Zerg since their four year disappearance after they ended the Brood War.

Finally, after two and a half years of work, Starcraft: Rebirth of the Swarm is finally done. Im extremely proud to present you this movie and im super excitied to see what you all think of it!

Download (Format: Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound + 1080p .m2ts ; 6,4 GB):


Also, check out the team liquid thread for additional...

Mira Han / Mira Horner - All Dialogues In-Game Cutscenes Quotes Cinematics StarCraft II

Channel: BearAlMighty & Total View: 15614

Add Date: April 6, 2016, 12:24 am & Duration: 00:08:30

Likes: 119 | Dislike: 18


mira han dialogues, mira han ingame, mira han cutscenes, mira han quotes, mira han cinematics, all mira han, mira horner, mira han sc2, sc2 mira han, mira horner sc2, sc2 mira horner, i LOVE StarCraft, BearAlMighty

BearAlMighty playing StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty & Heart Of The Swarm from Blizzard.

Full playlist for other characters & events:

Mira Han (Mira Horner) is a terran mercenary, crime lord, and the leader of Mira's Marauders.

All there is with Mira Han from StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty & StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm.

2500 Zealots vs 10000 Zerglings2500 Zealots vs 10000 Zerglings
00:09:17April 10, 2012, 6:01 pm
2500 Zealots vs 10000 Zerglings

Channel: CPGSC2 & Total View: 1251082

Add Date: April 10, 2012, 6:01 pm & Duration: 00:09:17

Likes: 3097 | Dislike: 866


Starcraft 2, SC2, Epic, Battle, Marine, Zergling, Zealot, Terran, Zerg, Protoss, CPG, CasualProGamer, Casual, Progamer, Pro, Gamer

Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void Final Ending Cut Scene Live Reaction

Channel: FRoZeNShAdY & Total View: 26859

Add Date: November 13, 2015, 8:06 pm & Duration: 00:09:17

Likes: 178 | Dislike: 16


twitch, games, Reaction, reacts, StarCraft (Video Game Series), StarCraft II: Legacy Of The Void (Video Game Expansion), end game, ending, Kerrigan, Zerg, Protoss, Artanis, terran, Raynor, In to the Void, Campaign, cinematic, cinema, Blizzard Entertainment (Video Game Developer), Xel'naga, Hybrid, End, cutscene, Frozenshady, LotV, Scene, Sarah Kerrigan (Fictional Character), lore, Amon, Characters Of StarCraft (Fictional Character), Zeratul, Queen of Blades, final

FRoZeNShAdY live reaction on Twitch to Blizzard Entertainment's Starcraft Legacy of the Void ending cut scene cinematic in the In to the Void campaign where Kerrigan defeats Amon to end the In the Starcraft 2 saga.-- Watch live at

Starcraft - Radio Free ZergStarcraft - Radio Free Zerg
00:03:09January 30, 2010, 3:22 pm
Starcraft - Radio Free Zerg

Channel: Gamegroove & Total View: 72445

Add Date: January 30, 2010, 3:22 pm & Duration: 00:03:09

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Starcraft, Radio Free Zerg, Starcraft Soundtrack, Starcraft Music

Extracted from the BroodWar .mpq archive that is obtained when the steps detailed at under the instructions for "patch 1.15.2" are followed. Ladik's MPQ editor was used to extract the files (File00000010.wav to File00000029.wav) and DVDVideoSoft's audio converter was used to transform them from .wav to high quality .mp3. Windows Movie Maker 2.6 was used to cut up certain audio files into their distinct tracks and convert all of them into uploadable .wmv video files.

Heart of the Swarm - All Easter eggsHeart of the Swarm - All Easter eggs
00:10:58May 25, 2013, 6:13 am
Heart of the Swarm - All Easter eggs

Channel: StarNet42 & Total View: 725770

Add Date: May 25, 2013, 6:13 am & Duration: 00:10:58

Likes: 5503 | Dislike: 188


Sc Hots, Easter Egg Starcraft, Heart Of The Swarm, Hots Easter Egg, Easter Eggs Swarm, Starcraft 2, Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Swarm, Starcraft, Easter Egg Hots, Easter Egg, Swarm Easter Egg, Swarm, Hots, Sc2, easter egg swarm, all easter egg hots, hots all easter egg, starcraft all easter eggs, easter eggs starcraft, easter egs hots, easter eggs hots, easter eggs swarm, all easter eggs hots

In this video you will see all the easter eggs from the campaign of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.
If you find a new easter egg, please send me a message ;)

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Cutthroat: Jim Raynor Confronts Mira Han Mercenaries at Deadman's Port (Starcraft 2)

Channel: CJake3 & Total View: 48581

Add Date: October 10, 2010, 4:50 am & Duration: 00:10:11

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Raynor's Raiders stole Confederate Adjutant 23-46 from a Dominion excavation on Tarsonis, but found its data encrypted and inaccessible. The rebels hired Colonel Orlan at Deadman's Port to decrypt the adjutant. Orlan succeeded and found it contained proof of Arcturus Mengsk's war crimes during the Great War; the mercenary planned to sell the adjutant to the Dominion instead and hired Mira's Mercs to prevent the Raiders from interfering. Mira's Mercs were to be paid in minerals. Mira Han, leader of Mira's Mercs, warned the Raiders of the betrayal. As Orlan has not yet paid, she offered to resell her services to the Raiders if the rebels could pay the contract first.

Mineral deposits were scarce at Deadman's Port, and the Raiders gathered scrap produced from local salvage operations to supplement mining. The rebels received assistance from Han in the form of a long-delayed gift...

StarCraft 2 Co-op: HAN AND HORNER Gameplay!StarCraft 2 Co-op: HAN AND HORNER Gameplay!
00:29:38November 15, 2017, 11:00 am
StarCraft 2 Co-op: HAN AND HORNER Gameplay!

Channel: LowkoTV & Total View: 105304

Add Date: November 15, 2017, 11:00 am & Duration: 00:29:38

Likes: 1865 | Dislike: 47


starcraft 2, starcraft 2 co-op, co-op mission, brutal, sc2, lowko, lowkotv, han, horner, han and horner, mira, mira han, matt, matt horner, mira han and matt horner, han and horner commander, han and horner gameplay, han gameplay, mira han gameplay, horner gameplay, matt horner gameplay, han & horner, han & horner gameplay, han and horner co-op, co-op, terran, terran comander, terran co-op commander, patch, patch 4.0, game, commander, gameplay, commanders

Mira Han and Matt Horner gameplay in StarCraft 2.
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More StarCraft 2 co-op:

A new co-op commander has arrived with Patch 4.0. Technically speaking, it's actually two different commanders that play together as one.

Han and Horner play together. Han is focused on mercenary work and explosives, where as Horner commands the dominion fleet. In this video I have a first look at the new co-op commander.

Han collects scrap from her fallen units, allowing her to refund some of the costs. Her unit producing structure flies along with the rest of the army.

Horner's units come out of a Starport you start off with at the beginning of the mission. They are mostly high-tech units that are very powerful by themselves, but need the support of the smaller units until near maxed...

Ghosts of the Past Trailer - StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Channel: StarCraft & Total View: 7138488

Add Date: July 21, 2010, 11:53 am & Duration: 00:02:37

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StarCraft II, StarCraft 2, StarCraft, SC2, StarCraft2, dominion, launch, trailer, cinematic, video, rts, Raynor, Kerrigan, Mengsk, epic, strategy, game, videogame

This extended trailer was released as the final unlockable reward from Blizzard Entertainment's Join the Dominion! promotional site. As people took the Dominion army entrance exam, submitted propaganda in an art contest, and shared the site and content with their friends on Facebook, over 20 rewards were unlocked.


Gorgon Battlecruiser - Starcraft 2 Complete Edition - Starcraft 2 Mod

Channel: MasterofRoflness & Total View: 79701

Add Date: April 16, 2016, 4:40 pm & Duration: 00:38:41

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1080p, Masterofroflness, Gameplay, Commentary, FPS, StarCraft, Starcraft 2, Starcraft 2 Gameplay, Starcraft 2 Mod, StarCraft 2: Legacy Of The Void, StarCraft 2 Complete Edition, Campaign Units, StarCraft Gorgon Battlecruiser, Legacy Of The Void, Legacy Of The Void Gameplay, StarCraft II, Lets Play, Let`s Play, Multiplayer, 5 Player FFA, Free For All, Gorgon Battlecruiser, Terran, Heart of the Swarm, Wings of Liberty


Welcome to Starcraft 2 Complete Edition! In this mod every faction will have access to all the units in the Campaign. Meaning if you see a unit in the campaign for Wings of Liberty, Legacy of the Void and Heart of the swarm, it will probably be here. Due to this fact however things won't be balanced at all so take this mod with a grain of salt.

Playlist :

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