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How to win using the Rift Herald in 90 seconds

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Herald so op

May 30, 2017, 2:14 pm


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league of legends, lol, league, legends, herald, win, izi

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Rift Herald dancing after killed the nexus.

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Just a typical rank game in the Asia server

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SAVE Montage - Unbelievable SAVES 2017 | League Of Legends Montage
Are You Have a Girlfriend ? | You Never Play Alone (League of Legends)
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[Stream Highlights] AMAZING YASUO SAVE!
Sick Yasuo Save
Teamwork OP - That Yasuo save
When the synergy hits 120%
TheOddOne Discovers Baron/Yasuo Synergy

New rift herald dances and does insane damage to towers!

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0:00 dancing
0:14 fighting it
1:05 spawning it and attacking towers

if you're wondering if she can be interrupted during the dash, she is cc immune during it as far as i can tell.

realistic level 7 version:

realistic level 11, 20 minute version:

I stream here:

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Rift Herald Rift Herald "Backdoor"
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Rift Herald "Backdoor"

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Heute habe ich den Test gemacht ob der Rift Herald auch den Nexus zerstört oder doch nur Türme .
Sah auf jedenfall ziemlich lustig aus :D

Agrôn (EUW)
38metinaldo38 (EUW)
Challénger in TR (TR)


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brofresco, lol brofresco, new rift herald, new rift herald pbe, rift herald, rift herald rework, rework rift herald, mid season rift herald, mid season rift herald rework, rift herald update, rift herald pbe, rift herald rework pbe, rift herald in lane, rift herald buff, new rift herald buff, rift herald reworked, league of legends, league of legends rift herald, league of legends rift herald rework, rift herald lol, rift herald rework lol, rift herald rework in game

Taking a look at the reworked Rift Herald on the PBE server! 😱
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C9 vs. AHQ | Group Stage Day 8 | 2017 World Championship | Cloud9 vs ahq e-Sports Club

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League of Legends, LoL, LCS, League Championship Series, esports, 2017, game, play, match, pro, full game, 1080p, VOD, VODs, North America, Europe, Summer Split, summer 2017, Worlds, World Championship, Groups, Group Stage, Day 8, Cloud9, AHQ, ahq e-Sports Club, Impact, Gnar, Contractz, Gragas, Jensen, LeBlanc, Sneaky, Caitlyn, Smoothie, Janna, Ziv, Maokai, Mountain, Jarvan IV, Westdoor, Fizz, Twitch, Albis, Karma

2017 World Championship Group Stage Day 8 #Worlds2017

Cloud 9 vs. ahq e-Sports Club

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Helmet Bro: The Animated Series - Rift Herald Dance Battle | League of Legends Community Collab

Channel: League of Legends Community & Total View: 1198849

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lol, showcase, fanart, league, ARTS, allchat, Moba, all, chat, leagueoflegends, community, cosplay, League of Legends, moba, RTS, LOL, legends, helmet bro, helmet bro: the animated series, kindred, lee sin, poppy, azir, mundo, darius, tahm kench, illaoi, vayne, alistair, rift herald, rift, baron

Is it still too late to say sorry?

Animated by ehlboy:

In collaboration with Hyun's Dojo:

Piercing Light (Remix) - Warsongs

**Created in Collaboration with Riot Games**

New Chests x20 Opening and New Chaos Emote and Order Emote PBE Server - League of Legends

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One of the weirdest stories, is a new game "thing" being developed by Notch!

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- Minecraft Xbox - Update...

Rift Herald Dance Battle - Half Hour VersionRift Herald Dance Battle - Half Hour Version
00:29:57April 27, 2016, 9:31 am
Rift Herald Dance Battle - Half Hour Version

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Original Video:

BEYOND THE RIFT #35:NA Challenger Scene, Rift Herald Work, Ryze Nerf Controversy Ft. Brokenshard

Channel: BeyondGaming & Total View: 75373

Add Date: March 25, 2017, 10:51 am & Duration: 01:16:58

Likes: 863 | Dislike: 53


beyond the rift, league of legends, imaqtpie, scarra, bloodyusa, riftbeyond, riot games, tsm, cloud9, team liquid, counter logic gaming

00:04:26 Talk to us about the NA Challenger Scene and how Eunited is doing
00:13:15 Riot states that Ninja Tabi is fine; agree or disagree?
00:21:10 Eutined and preference on who to play against with relegations coming soon
00:25:27 Fill in the blank, The best League of Legends coaches are ________
00:33:24 Closing statements about OPL drama last week
00:44:36 Ryze controversy over nerfs; 37% winrate, thoughts?
00:48:31 Rift Herald rework, what is to be expected?
00:59:30 Discord Q&A

This show wouldn't be possible without the sponsorship from:

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Order & Chaos EmotesOrder & Chaos Emotes
00:00:37June 3, 2017, 10:58 am
Order & Chaos Emotes

Channel: SkinSpotlights & Total View: 166619

Add Date: June 3, 2017, 10:58 am & Duration: 00:00:37

Likes: 2184 | Dislike: 45


Order, Chaos, Dawnbringer, Nightbringer, Dawnbringer Riven, Nightbringer Yasuo, Riven, Yasuo, Legendary

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