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Green screen med iPad

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En kort instruktionsfilm om hur man kan jobba med green screen med hjälp av en iPad och appen Veescope Live Full.

February 26, 2014, 12:16 am


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green screen, film, IPad (Gadget)

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This video shows some simple tricks for editing superior special effects using iMovie. I go through the steps involved in editing a simple effect doubling myself and making a mini me appear and levitate. This video focuses particularly on creating stronger green screen shots cropping, resizing and positioning to make multiple layers of footage work together. This video shows you how to get past some of iMovie's limitations and create special effects that push your iMovie productions to the next level.
One of the more basic iMovie hacks people discover early on is that you can insert a "title" with no text and some of the title text like "pixie dust" can make for a wonderful animated flourish as a character waves a wand etc. iMovie can only handle two layers of video simultaneously, but if you are careful in thinking through the process, you can create a composite shot with many...

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In this timelapsed footage, we show a green screen studio set up at a customer event, the recording... followed by the finished product.

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En beskrivning av hur man redigerar en film i appen iMovie (iOS7) på en iPad. Gjord av Olle Strömbeck november 2013 för

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You can get this green screen with a free stand here:

On ebay, the same company sells the blue screen - it's without the stand but much cheaper:

Here you have a lot of affordable choices of chromakey backgrounds:

Check out:
Exclusive film tutorials:
Watch over 6 hours of free tutorials here:

If you own a large rectangular foldable green or blue screen or maybe even a reflector then you know how much of a pain it can be to fold it. Well here's a quick and simple way to remember how to do it everytime. :-) Enjoy!


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The mechanics behind it are actually quite simple. After they shoot a scene, they simply remove the color green from the footage, so it becomes transparent. Then they add a different background and use it to fill in the blank spaces. And this doesn't just work for environments, they can also use it for specific objects, or sometimes even whole characters.

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StarTime's iStar program gets kids flexing their creative muscles. Working in teams, they learn foundations in digital moviemaking and employ green screen techniques, SPFX, motion graphics and MORE!....all using iPads

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iMovie iPhone effects, iMovie iphone, iMovie app, iMovie app tutorial, Brian g Johnson tv, iPhone imovie tricks, imovie tricks, imovie effects, imovie ipad effects

This iMovie iPhone Effect tutorial video demonstrate just how easy it is to create a cool video with your iPhone and or iPad, complete with awesome effects.

Watch as I incorperate video sound effects, video effects, transition as well as music effects. It's never been easier to create awesome video effects than it is today with iMove and a few other apps that are covered in this iMovie app tutorial for iPhone. Creating fun iPhone iMovie tricks or hacks can increase engagement, drive more views and get you more subscribers!

Create a cool iPhone video today!


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How to Light a Green ScreenHow to Light a Green Screen
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How to Light a Green Screen

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Shooting in front of a green screen lets you swap in another background in post-production. Make the most of this technique with the right lighting.

Step 1: Set up the shot
Set up the shot. Position the talent or stand-in as far from the screen as possible while keeping them in the frame. Place the lights for the screen behind or beside the talent to avoid shadows. Light the talent independently from the screen.

For full-body shots, lay non-green blankets or poster board on the floor around the talent to reduce reflected green light.

Step 2: Light the screen
Once everything is in place, take the actor out of the equation. Diffuse the lights with gels, reposition the barn doors, and move the lights so the screen is lit as evenly...

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Simple Green Screen Tracking (After Effects Tutorial)
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How To Use Stikbot Studio App and Green ScreenHow To Use Stikbot Studio App and Green Screen
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Needing help with your Stikbots videos? Learn about how To Use the Stikbot Studio App and create awesome animations using the green screen stage.

Stikbot Studio App is available to download at IOS:

And google Play:

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More videos coming soon!!!

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Så här kan det se ut när barn arbetar med film i skolan och förskolan. Med iPadens enkla teknik, sköter barnen själva hela processen.

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Hollywood Camera Work Green Screener is a revolutionary new tool that helps you get stunningly perfect green screen.

Green Screener does away with light-meters and waveform-monitors, and SHOWS you exactly how even your green screen is, giving you the power to do literally perfect green screen (and blue screen) using just your phone or tablet.

Whether you're working on a $100M blockbuster or you're doing green screen in your basement, the quality of your green screen will dramatically improve with Green Screener.

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Add Date: January 8, 2016, 8:14 am & Duration: 00:01:32

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Green Screen by Do Ink, Best Green Screen App, Best Green Screen App for Ed Tech, Best Green Screen App for iPad, Best Green Screen App for iPhone, Chroma key, How to Green Screen, Green Screen for Kids, Best Edtech App, Best App for Green Screening, Green Screen by DoInk, Do Ink, DoInk The #1 Green Screen app for the iPad in Education, now available for the iPhone too! Green Screen by Do Ink makes it easy to create incredible green screen videos and photos. Classroom-tested by kids and teachers, this app emphasizes ease-of-use and simplicity while still enabling fantastic results. With Green Screen by Do Ink, you can tell a story, explain an idea, and express yourself in truly creative and unique ways.

You know what a "green screen" effect is, right? It's used in the movies to make it look like the actors have landed on an alien planet, and it's used on TV to make it look like your local news announcer is standing in front of a weather map. The green screen effect works by combining images from multiple sources into...

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