Bring character to live | Perseus and Ceres Cosplay from Shadowverse game | Paris Game Week 2017 - Games Lords

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Bring character to live | Perseus and Ceres Cosplay from Shadowverse game | Paris Game Week 2017

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This is story about creation of one of the most interesting costumes of passing year - Perseus and Ceres of the Night from Shadowverse game, Starforged Legends expansion. Costumes were presented during Paris Game Week 2017

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December 20, 2017, 10:41 am


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Cosplay, Shadowverse, DIY, Sneak Peek, Game cosplay, Cygames, Paris Game Week, Fenix Fatalist, Paris Game Week 2017, Travel vlog, Backstage

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This is my journey- the entire process from when I decided I wanted to be an animator until I eventually get there, and everything along the way that will make it possible.

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If you'd like to support our work:

Music: MYLK - Dream Catcher (Chime Remix)



AnimeJapan is the largest animation event held in Tokyo which showcases upcoming anime programs.


EMIRU ♡ XAYAH Cosplay Makeup Transformation / Wig Styling

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What character would you like to see next? (keep in mind this is heavy COSPLAY MAKEUP meant for photos, it's very uncomfortable and impractical for other uses and I feel like it would be very unpleasant to wear all day at a convention, but if you're hardcore then go for it!!! :D) EDIT: A lot of people asked me to include how much time this actually took, the makeup from start to finish took about an hour and the wig styling took about 30 minutes (I checked the original clips)

♡ Contacts:
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✿~♫ ♪・・・|| Open it!! ||・・・♪ ♫ ~✿ 

How to Cosplay: How I can make simply Cosplay Make-Up?
I hope I can help you to make a very simply Make-Up :) Try it yourself.

Nana Osaki from NANA Make-Up:

Miku Hatsune from Vokaloid:

Make-Up channels:


Shadowverse / Lindworm Dragon VS Midrange Sword (DBNE / Rotation)

Channel: AnimeManiac4Life & Total View: 761

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Shadowverse, Lindworm

Shadowverse / Lindworm Dragon VS Midrange Sword (DBNE / Rotation)

Fenix Fatalist - Сzternaście (Triss Merigold dedicated song)

Channel: Fenix Fatalist & Total View: 466365

Add Date: May 17, 2017, 8:25 am & Duration: 00:03:25

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Witcher, Ведьмак, Ведьмак Дикая охота, Трисс, Triss, Трисс Меригольд, Triss Merigold, Yennefer, Witcher Wild Hunt, Йеннефер

Song about Triss Merigold - one of the heroes of Witcher saga.
This is my first song, hope you'll like it!
Support project -
Koffeya page -

Песня о Трисс Меригольд, одной из героинь цикла "Ведьмак".
Это моя первая песня, надеюсь вам понравится!
Поддержать проект -
Страница художника -

The Best Deck in ShadowverseThe Best Deck in Shadowverse
00:03:48February 15, 2017, 8:12 am
The Best Deck in Shadowverse

Channel: Envybaer & Total View: 35377

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envybaer, envy, shadowverse, ccg, western, comedy, sarcasm, memes, runecraft, daria, isabelle, hamsa, flame, and, glass

The strictly best deck in Shadowverse at the moment, good luck proving me wrong lozers



Lightning Final Fantasy Makeup Transformation - Cosplay Tutorial

Channel: Alyson Tabbitha & Total View: 755628

Add Date: September 8, 2016, 1:34 pm & Duration: 00:10:04

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Join me on Patreon for more content and to help me be able to continue making tutorials! :

- WIG Tutorial:

- Full Costume Tutorial:

I have been getting a bunch of request to make this, and I finally did it! Lightning is one of my favorites! I hope you find this helpful! :)

My Cosplay Prints:

~My Social Media~

Huge THANK YOU to:

Alan @NA Studio for recording the intro clips:

Princesse Disney dans la vraie vie - CosplayPrincesse Disney dans la vraie vie - Cosplay
00:01:33August 9, 2016, 7:39 am
Princesse Disney dans la vraie vie - Cosplay

Channel: Chat'nimaux & Total View: 79202

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Disney, Disney cosplay, disney dans la vraie vie, princesse disney dans la vraie vie, princesse disney dans la vrai vie, Princesse disney, vrai vie, princesse dans la vrai vie, Princess in real life, Costume de princesse, Raiponce, elsa, anna, fée clochette, before after, avant apres, antes y despues, If Disney Princes Were Real

Découvrez les princesses Disney dans la vrai vie. Cosplay / Costumé ces femmes deviennents de véritables princesses.

Quelle est votre préférez ?

Dans l'ordre de parution voici les personnages et les films d'ou elles sont issus.

- la fée clochette / Peter pan
- Anna et Elsa / La reine des neiges (Frozen)
- Tiana / La princesse et la grenoulle
- Blanche neige / Blanche neige et les sept Nains
- Esmeralda / Le bossu de notre dame
- mérida / Rebelle
- pocahontas / Pocahontas
- jasmine / Aladin
- Cendrillon / Cendrillon
- Raiponce / Raiponce
- Mary Poppins / Mary poppins

Merci d'avoir regarder, et de partager cette vidéo.

A bientot

Before and after - Avant et apres - Antes y despues
Disney princess in real life - If Disney Princes Were Real

☆ Emilia Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Re:Zero ゼロから始める異世界生活 ☆

Channel: Kleiner Pixel & Total View: 176243

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With this tutorial you can make yourself look just like Emilia from Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu!

Want to buy Cosplay-Prints? Go visit my store on Etsy!

Wig styling/cutting tutorials and making of videos on my Patreon!

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Cosplay: '
Cat lamp in the background: '

☆ Products ☆
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Nier:Automata - 2b Cosplay Backstage [eng subs]Nier:Automata - 2b Cosplay Backstage [eng subs]
00:05:26April 15, 2017, 5:35 am
Nier:Automata - 2b Cosplay Backstage [eng subs]

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Cosplay, Косплей, Nier:Automata, Cosplay blog, Cosplay vlog, Cosplay backstage, Backstage, 2b cosplay

Little story about how was created my cosplay of 2b from Nier:Automata game.
My patreon -
My FB -
DressArtMystery -
You can order this dress in my shop -

How I made Triss Merigold from The Witcher | Evolution of cosplay (rus sub)

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This is my story about creation of Triss Merigold cosplay costume from The Witcher saga. Watch credits of all mentioned artists! Costumes were created by FD Cosplay Studio. We accept custom orders ~

Wig by Evahair -

Join my community:

Other links:
My Facebook - Fenix Fatalist Cosplay / FD Cosplay Studio
Instagram - @fenixfatalist / @fdcosplaystudio
Twitter - @Fenix_Fatalist

Disney Princesses in a SalonDisney Princesses in a Salon
00:05:37February 15, 2017, 4:30 pm
Disney Princesses in a Salon

Channel: Tia Bhatia & Total View: 304410

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Disney, DisneyPrincess, Princess, DisneyPrincesses, Rapunzel, Ariel, Jasmine, Elsa, Belle, BeautyAndTheBeast, Mundheep, DanAndRiya, Pocahontas, Aladdin, Tangled, UnderTheSea, TheLittleMermaid, Frozen, Princesses, Entertinament, Comedy, Disney Princess, Disney Princesses, Beauty And The Beast, The Little Mermaid, Mermaid, Princess Jasmine, PrincessJasmine, Walt Disney, WaltDisney, EmmaWatson, Blogilates, RclBeauty101, LelePons, LelePonsPrincess

You need to be a Disney Fanatic in order to understand some of these conversations. Who is your favorite Disney Character?

Also yes guys Princess Jasmine is Arab, sadly the cut that I messed up on was the only cut that didn't come out a bit damaged. So sorry for this mix-up.

This video idea has been in the process for over more than a year and a half. At that time, I kept having to put this video on the back burner because I needed to learn the whole process of editing, etc. Months went by and I could never coordinate with people due to conflict of schedules, and also the biggest issue was that we didn't have a salon! Now we were able to do this video all thanks to Tony at Veronese Salon within Sheridan Mall. I just wanted to do something for fun, and hopefully you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for February 20th, as BIG NEWS is releasing.

Huge Shout out to...


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シャドバ, シャドウバース, シャドウバース攻略, シャドバ攻略, Shadowverse, Shadowverse攻略, ドラクエライバルズ, ライバルズ, DQR, ドラクエ, デッキレシピ, GameWith, gamewith, くすき, むじょる, コスプレイヤー, misaco








[Shadowverse] Accelerating to VICTORY! - Rotation Lindworm Dragoncraft Deck Gameplay

Channel: Ignideus & Total View: 12051

Add Date: June 30, 2018, 10:24 am & Duration: 00:21:43

Likes: 214 | Dislike: 11


Shadowverse, Shadowverse gameplay, shadowverse game, Shadowverse expansion, シャドウバース, シャドバ, 섀도우버스, Ignideus, havencraft, dragoncraft, swordcraft, forestcraft, runecraft, shadowcraft, bloodcraft, take two, take 2, grand prix, arena, draft, rng, lucky, funny, best deck, deck guide, new expansion, card review, new cards, shadowverse new cards, shadowverse new expansion, mini expansion, mini-expansion, rotation, unlimited, shadowverse brigade of the sky, brigade of the sky, granblue fantasy, gbf, bots

(Brigade of the Sky) Lindworm Dragoncraft using the new cards, including the new Dragoncraft Legendaries Adramelech and Zooey.
vs Holy Lion Havencraft
vs Ramp Dragoncraft
vs Holy Lion Havencraft

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More Shadowverse videos:

I play Shadowverse, a digital card game in the same vein as Hearthstone. I showcase a multitude of decks on ranked as well as Take Two and gameplay with friends.


Prepare to fly in Shadowverse's 9th card set: Brigade of the Sky....

☆ Shiro Cosplay Makeup Tutorial No Game No Life ノーゲーム・ノーライフ コスプレメイク ☆

Channel: Kleiner Pixel & Total View: 76886

Add Date: December 23, 2017, 3:07 am & Duration: 00:05:45

Likes: 4389 | Dislike: 95


shiro cosplay, no game no life cosplay, cosplay makeup, shiro makeup, cosplay makeup tutorial, kleinerpixel cosplay, kleinerpixel, cosplay, quick and easy cosplay ideas, How to cosplay, how to do a cosplay makeup, cosplay makeup eyes, anime makeup, Maquiagem cosplay

With this cosplay makeup you can make yourself look just like Shiro from the anime No Game no Life!

Want to buy Cosplay-Prints or my Cosplay-Calendar 2018?
Go visit my store on Etsy!

▶︎Previous Video:
▶︎More Anime Makeup Tutorials:

Wig styling/cutting tutorials and making of videos on my Patreon!

☆ Items ☆
Contact Lenses: '
Use code "pixel" to get 10% + EXTRA 2% discount!

Cosplay: '

☆ Products ☆
Circle Lenses: '

[Shadowverse] Sky Knights! - RoB Aggro Swordcraft Deck Gameplay

Channel: Ignideus & Total View: 9217

Add Date: January 23, 2017, 11:00 am & Duration: 00:13:01

Likes: 128 | Dislike: 5


Shadowverse, Shadowverse gameplay, shadowverse pack opening, granblue fantasy, cygames, rage of bahamut, shadowverse game, hearthstone, Shadowverse expansion, シャドウバース, シャドバ, shadow verse, Ignideus, shadow verse gameplay, havencraft, dragoncraft, swordcraft, forestcraft, runecraft, shadowcraft, bloodcraft, take two, take 2, arena, draft, rng, lucky, funny, best deck, rise of bahamut, shadowverse ROB, バハムート降臨, shadowverse rise of bahamut, rise of bahamut pack opening, ROB, tcg, bahamut, deck guide

Aggro Swordcraft deck using the new cards from Rise of Bahamut! Testing a new variant I cooked up at AA0, trying to make it less draw and buff dependent.
VS Storm Havencraft
VS Tempo Forestcraft
VS Tempo Daria Runecraft
VS Aggro Bloodcraft


More Shadowverse gameplay:

I play Shadowverse, a digital card game in the same vein as Hearthstone. I mainly showcase gameplay of different decks on ranked, with the occasional Take Two run and games with friends.

Rise of Bahamut is a 105-card expansion that adds even more in-depth strategic options with the new Enhance ability.

Bahamut appears as a devastatingly powerful Legendary card. Unleash its power on your foes!

Shadowverse: the next evolution in collectible...

Disney DIY: Belle CostumeDisney DIY: Belle Costume
00:13:34October 6, 2014, 3:28 pm
Disney DIY: Belle Costume

Channel: disney1333 & Total View: 129996

Add Date: October 6, 2014, 3:28 pm & Duration: 00:13:34

Likes: 1477 | Dislike: 71


Costume (Product Category), Do It Yourself (Hobby), Disney DIY, Belle Dress, Beauty and the Beast, Disneyland (Amusement Park), Walt Disney (Author), Walt Disney Pictures (Production Company), Arts and Crafts, Sewing Projects, The Walt Disney Company (Production Company), Belle (Film Character), Halloween (Holiday), Halloween Costume, Princess, Disney Princess (Fictional Universe)

With Halloween coming up, I decided to make some Disney DIY Costumes! For my first costume I picked my favorite Disney Princess, Belle from Beauty and the Beast! This costume is really easy to make and it was really inexpensive. Hope you like the video and stay tuned for more Disney DIY's!

Follow me on Twitter:
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You will need:
-2-3 yards of Gold Fabric (depending on how long your skirt is) - I used the fabric Sunflower Silkessence from Jo Ann's it was $3.59 a yard
-1 yard of yellow tulle- I used the fabric shiny tulle in sunshine from Jo Ann's it was $1.19 a yard
-A gold tank top- I got mine from Forever 21 it was $1.80
-Velcro- I got mine from Jo Ann's it was $3.99
-A ruler
-A large sheet of paper (I used...

Shadowverse Shadowverse "Starforged Legends" Expansion Trailer
00:01:13September 2, 2017, 12:32 pm
Shadowverse "Starforged Legends" Expansion Trailer

Channel: wlog & Total View: 46272

Add Date: September 2, 2017, 12:32 pm & Duration: 00:01:13

Likes: 281 | Dislike: 24


シャドウバース, Shadowverse

Shadowverse "Starforged Legends" Expansion Trailer

Colors for Children to Learn With Street Vehicles and Water Slide - Colours Magic Liquids For Kids

Channel: BinBin CARS & Total View: 56737313

Add Date: March 23, 2018, 4:30 am & Duration: 00:00:00

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binbin cars, uc1kx, learn colours, learn colors, learning videos, shapes, Street Vehicles, Water Sliders, Magic Liquids, water colors, fire truck, school bus, garbage truck, police, ambulance, colors, color, colours, toddlers videos, kids learning, colors for kids, preschool, education, for kids, for children, kids toys, educational, Children, Learn, Car, Toy, Colours, Kids, Learning, Videos, Colors for Children, street vehicles names, street vehicles sounds, street vehicles toys, cars toys

Welcome to learn colors channel with many colors for kids and babies! Please like, share, comment !
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+ Google Plus:
+ Facebook:
- Learn Colors for Children and Kids :
- Colours Water Sliders for Kids :
- Car Garage for Children :

Watch more video:
Colors For Children To Learn With Dump Truck Toys #v | Learn Colors with Soccer Balls for Kids

Colors for Children to Learn with Street Vehicles School Bus Toys #v |Colours Water Sliders for Kids

Colors for Children to Learn with Huge Parking and Glass Sliders Hot Wheels Toy #v |Parking for Kids

Colors For Children...

Disney's Snow White Makeup TutorialDisney's Snow White Makeup Tutorial
00:04:29October 15, 2014, 6:37 pm
Disney's Snow White Makeup Tutorial

Channel: dope2111 & Total View: 20334101

Add Date: October 15, 2014, 6:37 pm & Duration: 00:04:29

Likes: 36122 | Dislike: 4555


snow white Makeup, Halloween 2014, Disney princess makeup, Pin up Makeup, Snow White cosplay, Snow White (Film Character), Disney Pincesses



SNAPCHAT - Promise Phan


Products Used :
BH Cosmetics' Wild Child Baked Eyeshadow Palette:
BH Cosmetics' Floral Blush Duo:
BH Cosmetics' Blooming Radiance Mineral Foundation Powder:
BH Cosmetics' Flawless Brow Trio:
BH Cosmetics' Flawless Brow Highlighter:
BH Cosmetics' Creme Luxe Lipstick:
BH Cosmetics' Waterproof Lip Liner:
BH China Doll False Lashes

Dress : Ebay
Wig : Spirit of Halloween
Birds : Joanns

Snow White is the youngest of all Disney Princess also the most...

Best Anime Cosplay Girls 2018 #1Best Anime Cosplay Girls 2018 #1
00:04:02April 7, 2018, 1:01 pm
Best Anime Cosplay Girls 2018 #1

Channel: Vanadis & Total View: 253427

Add Date: April 7, 2018, 1:01 pm & Duration: 00:04:02

Likes: 4065 | Dislike: 210


anime, cosplay, girl, Best Anime Cosplay Girls, Best Anime Cosplay Girls 2018, Best Anime Cosplay Girls 2018 #1, vanadis, anime girls cosplay, anime cosplay girls, girls, japan, japanese, asian, anime girl cosplay, kawaii, cute, moe, sagiri, rem, ram, gasai yuno, cosplay girls, cosplay girls 2018, cosplay girls 2018 #1

Hi all :3

It's time for Best Girls in Anime Cosplay

Anime Cosplay Girls :

1. 0:16 Nici_nn and Cosplay Rem
2. 0:25 AkinaCHOI and Cosplay Sagiri
3. 0:40 Isis Vasconcellos and Cosplay Gasai Yuno
4. 0:46 Natasha Alwer and Cosplay Gasai Yuno
5. 0:54 Tessa Crownster and Cosplay Rem
6. 1:10 Cosplay2019 and Cosplay Sagiri
7. 1:16 Aliga and Cosplay Robot Girl
8. 2:05 SeeU and Cosplay Rem
9. 2:52 Aliga and two other girls and Cosplay Rem , Ram and Emilia
10. 3:24 Japan Expo "Recommend"
11. 3:45 Hey Joie and Cosplay Sagiri

Links to the channels of these beautiful girls :

Nici_nn :
AkinaCHOI :
Isis Vasconcellos :
Natasha Alwer :...

Onmyoji - Official CG TrailerOnmyoji - Official CG Trailer
00:01:57September 27, 2017, 4:59 am
Onmyoji - Official CG Trailer

Channel: Onmyoji & Total View: 69356

Add Date: September 27, 2017, 4:59 am & Duration: 00:01:57

Likes: 1216 | Dislike: 15


Onmyoji, Mobile, iOS, beta, App, Strategy, Pvp, card, guild, game, iPhone, iPad, clan, Netease, Official, Download, Install, Play, Free, shikigami, Combat, Compete, duel, collect, spirits, yokai, heian, Japan, anime, action, fantasy, seiyuu, exorcist, Seimei, Kagura, Android, guide, testflight, summon, Yao bikuni, Hiromasa

Download Now:
Steam Early Acess:
App Store 10 Best Apps/Games of the Year
Google Play Best of 2017: Most Competitive Game
Facebook's 2016 Game of the Year: Best Mobile Game
200+ million downloads smash hit now available worldwide!

■ Test your wits and clash with real players worldwide in strategic turn-based battles.
■ Customize your team to become the ultimate Onmyoji.
■ Summon powerful spirits called “shikigami” to fight by your side.
■ Hundreds of shikigami to discover, each with their own unique skills, skins and side stories.
■ Team-up with your friends and guild mates to battle epic bosses and win awesome...

Shadowverse - Intro & Forestcraft Matches (Episode 1)

Channel: The SilentCaay Channel & Total View: 3877

Add Date: June 26, 2016, 1:57 am & Duration: 00:34:46

Likes: 49 | Dislike: 0


shadowverse, cygames, gameplay, ccg, tcg, card game, constructed, Collectible Card Game (Collection Category)

It's been awhile since my last vid but I just started playing Shadowverse the other day, when I heard it was released. It's very similar to Hearthstone and somewhat fun, although I'm a bit skeptical of the long-tem F2P viability. It's worth giving it a shot, though. In this first video I'll be doing an overview of the game and playing a few games with my Forestcraft deck. Part 2 will be up shortly with some Swordcraft gameplay. Enjoy!

Title: Shadowverse
Developed by: Cygames
Published by: Cygames
Game Website:
Google Play Store Page:
iOS Store Page:
Steam Greenlight Page:

(Tags for my use:...

About Games Lords:

Games Lords website are focus in all related to games, If you want to find any gameplay or information about any types of PC gamaes or mobile , here you can find them! You got stuck in some game and you need to find help how to pass a level? Then Games Lords is what you need! And its all FREE!Bookmark us because we know you will need us!Thank you and welcome to the Games Lords!

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